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Danny Ryan:Hello and welcome to the ThreeWill Podcast. This is your host Danny Ryan, I have Tommy here with me for our weekly get together. Hello Tommy.


Tommy Ryan:Good morning, Danny.


Danny Ryan:How’s it going?


Tommy Ryan:It’s a good day.


Danny Ryan:It is a good day, so let’s get us kicked off quickly, let me see your socks here.


Tommy Ryan:I’m just kind of rotating.


Danny Ryan:You are rotating. I know what you need for Christmas, huh?


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, the pressure’s on.


Danny Ryan:Still, it’s nicer than my black socks. We’ll take them. I have asked for some crazy socks for my birthday which is on Monday, so let’s see if that ends up happening. We’ll see. I’ve asked for that from the kiddos, so let’s see if they come through for me.


What I wanted to do was maybe just have a quick conversation today. I know we’ve been doing a lot of planning for an important conference coming up which is Ignite, which is coming up in September, sort of sneaking up on us here, and fortunate that it’s here in Atlanta, so they moved it from Chicago here to Atlanta. What’s the thought behind us going to this? I’m going to ask you some marketing questions just so you-


Tommy Ryan:Oh boy.


Danny Ryan:Why are we going to this conference? Besides it’s in our back yard.


Tommy Ryan:I think Ignite is that conference that used to be the SharePoint conference. They combined several conferences into one so if there is one conference we go to that’s related to SharePoint, that is it. There are the build conferences, more technical, but to reach our customers and to have conversations around the solutions that we provide, that’s the best venue we see for the Microsoft conferences is the Ignite conference.


Danny Ryan:Very nice. We were looking at sort of who are the sponsors, who are the other exhibitors, those types of things, and really you do have people from all sorts of backgrounds. You and I were talking about this before the podcast, which is there’s not a whole lot of who we are, which is more of a SharePoint consultancy that are going to be there, but a lot of ISVs, a lot around the different Microsoft 365 products which are now probably over a dozen products, but they keep adding one on each week it seems like.


A lot of pretty- a diverse group of people or diverse group of products in the first place that’ll be there. I looked at it, and a lot of people I think who are going to this conference are interested in hearing from Microsoft what’s the roadmap for these things, where are they going, what’s the evolution of Microsoft 365, which I know we’re all sort of interested in hearing about.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, it’s going to be a diverse story. I think we’re having some of our technical folks go there to go to the Azure and SharePoint related topics. It’s a good time to refresh around the concept of what is the roadmap, we get to have more visibility into that these days, but this is where hopefully you hear some of the things that get you excited about the next year with the platform.


Danny Ryan:We’re going to have 4 people there, we have a smaller booth, a 10-by-10 booth, we’ve got you, myself, Bruce, and Bob going. That’ll be at the booth, so if you’re going to be there plan to come and drop by and see us.


Tommy Ryan:Where are we located?


Danny Ryan:If you pick one- Oh jeez. Go look at my OneNote Notebook. Really, go look at it right now. If you pick one of the bald guys it’s Tommy or I, pick one of the non bald guys- Unless Pete’s in the booth. That throws us off. Although he’s probably going to be at most of the sessions. He and Kirk will be there so start talking so I can go look up the booth number.


Tommy Ryan:Not the booth number, where’s the booth located next to.


Danny Ryan:Oh, that’s a easy one. Easy one. Right next to SweetWater. There’s a big brewing beer garden thing, so if you happen to go, you don’t even need to know. See Tommy, you don’t even need to know the booth number.


Tommy Ryan:That’s right.


Danny Ryan:You just need to know we’re going to be by the SweetWater Brewing BrewHaha, and come and drop by. We will have a special gift for you that related to what they’re handing out there.


Tommy Ryan:Some nice goodies, planning on that. I think when you come in you go to the right and keep on going down the side of the booth area towards SweetWater and there she is right across from SweetWater.


Danny Ryan:Go grab something, come by, come chat with us for a while. It would be great to see you. We’re working right now on … I know we’re putting a couple of brochures together. Just one that’s sort of an overall one of what ThreeWill does and then some of the other sort of focus areas for us. I know some of the stuff with Salesforce will be there, so we’ve got a couple of integrations between Salesforce and Microsoft 365, so if you’re interested in that topic come by and see us and we’ve got some interesting things to show you there.


I know we also want to focus on as well is the complex SharePoint migrations, so another partner, great partner of ours. Metalogix will be there and we can talk a little bit about the more complex migrations that we’ve done, may even be able to pick some time off Kirk of Pete if they’re round as well.


Tommy Ryan:There’s a special event from Metalogix too.


Danny Ryan:Yes, MetaFest on Wednesday night. I’m crossing my fingers, I hope I got that right, but if not you can go to Metalogix site and go register there to go to a great event from them, and we’re hoping to sponsor that as well. It’s too early in the morning for me to remember dates, Tommy. I need my second cup of coffee. Yes, it should be a really fun event from Metalogix, hope you’re able to make that. I think they’re planning on like 3,500 folks going. Great entertainment, a real good time, just time to decompress after a long day of learning all these new things about Microsoft products. It’ll be fun.


For folks if you’ve never been to Atlanta, we use the work y’all a lot. Don’t let that throw you off. We’re generally very kind. People say hello to each other on the street. It’s kind of a nice thing, and in general most of the folks down here in Atlanta are very easy to get along with, very nice folks, so hopefully they’ll be very hospitable, hopefully they won’t send you to the hospital. I know we’re all looking forward to everybody coming down and seeing us here in Atlanta.


Any other things as we prepare here for Ignite to come?


Tommy Ryan:It’s just going to be interesting to see the type of conversations and people that drop by the booth. Before being at the SharePoint conference, you’re seeing a lot of conversation and focus around it’s SharePoint, but now that it’s more Microsoft 365. There’ll be some interesting conversations. Really looking forward to seeing what strikes a cord with people in terms of the problems they’re trying to solve as they look at through the lens of what Microsoft has to offer today, so it will be different. When we’re looking at the booths and we’re looking for some familiar faces or names and didn’t see a lot of those names, some are competitors for say. We did not see some of those names there, so it’s going to be a place that I think we’ll explore, is it where we have those conversations and I think it is the right place so I’m excited to see the people that we meet and the conversations that we have.


Danny Ryan:472 is our booth number, but yeah. I think looking for the SweetWater sign is probably the easier route.


Tommy Ryan:Yeah, I’ll forget 472, I’ll remember SweetWater.


Danny Ryan:The party is on Wednesday night, so it is in the dress casual centennial park district. It starts at 6:30 so look forward to seeing people there. Again, you can preregister for it off of, just go to Metalogix site and follow the links there and register there. For everybody who’s coming down, definitely come by and see us at the booth. Look forward to meeting you, look forward to having everyone in Atlanta, and thanks for doing this Tom.


Tommy Ryan:All right.


Danny Ryan:Everybody have a wonderful day. Take care, bye bye.


Tommy Ryan:Bye.



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