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Client Profile

A cloud-based provider of database and analytics-related software, products, and services


The client needed to extract Jive content and archive to Microsoft 365 (M365) to save on Jive platform costs and take advantage of M365 eDiscovery for future content access.  The client was also time-constrained as it was critical to complete this transformation before having to renew their Jive license


The Jive Express Migration provided the client with a simplified, hierarchical site structure in M365 that streamlined the search capability and allowed the client to decommission the current Jive instance.

Business Benefits

  • Expertise – ThreeWill migrated 96k Jive content items to one Microsoft 365 Tenant with a 1-pass migration.
  • Transformed – ThreeWill leveraged an Azure migration environment to archive and then transform the Jive content
  • Streamlined – Migrated all in-scope Jive content from start through completion in less than 2 months
  • Improved user experience – Migrated only relevant Jive content to Microsoft 365
  • Communication – Provided daily visual production updates to keep everyone informed of the migration status
  • Cost savings – The client was able to decommission their Jive instance and not invest in another annual Jive license

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