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pandemic response request workflow

How to Create a Pandemic Response Request Workflow for Facilities Access

Learn how ThreeWill created a pandemic response request workflow for facilities access using Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Azure.
The Trick to Migrating List Parts on a Page With Custom Views With PnP

The Trick to Migrating List Parts on a Page With Custom Views With PnP

Has this ever happened to you? I had built a custom list with a custom view and I needed a trick for migrating List Parts on a page With Custom Views with PnP.
PnP Provisioning Engine vs Site Scripts

Should You Use PnP Provisioning Engine or Site Scripts?

Will considers the best way to create a provisioning process for clients, for this blog post he considers PnP vs Site Designs.
How I Transitioned to Working From Home Every Day

How I Transitioned to Working From Home Every Day

A lot of us are on the journey of getting adapted to remote work; in this article, I explain how I transitioned to working from home every day.

To Implement Technology Changes Utilize ADKAR

Change is about people. It's not easy for people to accept change, that's why Jeffrey Hiatt developed the ADKAR Strategy. Read to learn how to utilize this strategy.
Supporting Remote Workers

A Balanced Approach to Supporting Remote Workers

Get our free resource, the Up & Running Cheat Sheet to understand your company's need for technology support for remote workers.

How MongoDB Collation Settings Affect Query Results and Sort Order

Matthew Chestnut shares from his recent experience on a project using MongoDB. Here demonstrates the collation settings used and the results of those settings.
Azure Table Storage Column Types

Fixing Azure Table Storage Column Types in Bulk

This post is going through a fix to the issue of updating Azure Table Storage Column Type in Bulk. Hope this saves you some time.
SharePoint Online for Your Knowledge Base

5 Reasons For SharePoint Online as Your Knowledge Base

I did the hard work of researching SharePoint Online for Your Knowledge Base, discover why I believe this is a great option!
Microsoft Teams Working at Home

Using Microsoft Teams While Working at Home – March 2020 Update

In a world where everyone is forced to transition to work from home, Microsoft Teams is stepping to the plate. Read about Ulenda's take.
SharePoint Question and Answer

The Case for a Native SharePoint Questions and Answers Solution

I recently came up with a solution for a SharePoint communications site that utilizes SharePoint Questions and Answers. Read on to learn how.
crisis communication power platform

MICROSOFT: Crisis Communication: a Power Platform template

The Microsoft Power Apps team is working to put together a crisis management solution leveraging Power Apps, Power Automate, Teams, and SharePoint.
double down on innovation

VIIMA: When tough times are ahead, you should double down on innovation

Check out this article from VIIMA about how to approach innovation during tough times. Also, hear what we at ThreeWill have to say about this article.
Function Components and Hooks architecture tutorial

Function Components and Hooks – Bringing It All Together

Check out this tutorial on Function Components and Hooks architecture, a direction that I've noticed that the SharePoint community has started to move in.
Two-Pass Approach

Our Two-Pass Approach to Migrating from Jive to Microsoft 365

Learn about how we are improving capturing content in Jive and migrating it to Microsoft 365 using a two-pass approach to migrating.
Great Place to Work

Top Ten Reasons Why ThreeWill is a Great Place to Work

Do you want to help companies craft modern digital workplaces on the Microsoft cloud? ThreeWill is a great place to work, read ten reasons why.
Microsoft 365 Guest Access for B2B Users

Microsoft 365 Guest Access for B2B Users

Reference this spreadsheet a ThreeWill developer made for different areas of Microsoft 365 guest access as well as answers to common questions.
Changing Migrated News Article Pages to the Original Publish Date

Changing Migrated News Article Pages to the Original Publish Date

I recently came across a problem with promoting migrated news article pages with the original publish date. If you've had this problem before, read on!