Channel Installion Guide

Welcome to the Channel Installation Guide. It will take you 5-10 minutes to set up Channel.

Part One – Install Channel from the Office Store

  1. Log in to your Office 365 account as an site admin and go to the site (eg http://mycompany/myteam) where you want to show the Chatter Feed. Note – You may need to create the site or have your SharePoint Farm Administrator create it for you.
  2. Select the gear in the upper right corner and choose Add an app.
  3. Select SharePoint Store from the list of links on the left.
  4. Enter Channel in the search box (top right corner – look for text box with Find an app)
  5. Click the link for Channel – Salesforce Chatter Anywhere in the search results.
  6. Enter the number of user licenses and click BUY IT.
  7. Sign into your Microsoft Account and complete the purchasing process.
  8. Assign the appropriate people with a License and a Licensing Manager.
  9. Click Channel – Salesforce Chatter Anywhere under Recent.
  10. Complete the remaining installation steps for Channel.
NOTE – Some organizations limit the ability for SharePoint site collection administrators to install applications from the Office Store. You may need to ask your SharePoint Farm Administrator to install Channel from the Office Store.
Danny RyanChannel Installation Guide