Channel Release Notes

Channel Release Notes – Version

Minor Updates:

  1. The product has been renamed to Channel – Salesforce Chatter Anywhere
  2. Channel has been updated to provide an informative error message for the following cases:
    1. The user did not configure CORS correctly according to the installation instructions.
    2. The user did not configure their Trusted Sites settings for Internet Explorer correctly according to the instructions.  The error message also lets users know that InPrivate Browsing sessions are not supported.

Channel Release Notes – Version

New Features:

  1. Feed posts which have been authored in Salesforce Chatter using rich text formatting (e.g. bold, italics, bulleted lists) appear as formatted in the group feed for Channel.
  2. Users can upload a file from the local computer (up to 5 MB) and attach to a feed post or comment.
  3. Users can select an existing Salesforce file as an attachment for a feed post or comment.
  4. Feed posts authored in Salesforce Chatter using the Thanks publisher action are rendered in the group feed.
  5. The number of feed posts displayed initially can be limited by the Feed Post Count app part property.
  6. The number of comments displayed initially can be limited by the Comments Per Post app part property.
  7. If additional comments are available, the user can select Show All Comments to reveal all comments.
  8. The name of the Chatter group and a link to the Chatter group are included in the header of the group feed.
  9. Users can view profile details for users by hovering over user links.
  10. The first 8 lines of feed posts and comments are displayed.  Users can select “Show more” to reveal all of the text for long posts and comments.
  11. For feed posts and comments which have been Liked by a large volume of users, a pop-up window is available from which users can browse the full set of users.
  12. Users can follow/unfollow other users from the user popup window and when browsing the list of users who have liked a post.
  13. Users can follow/unfollow files which have been attached to feed posts and comments.
  14. The group feed can be configured to check for new posts and comments for the selected group and will present a message-link You have new updates, if new feed post or comments are available.  The user can click this link to refresh the feed.
  15. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled by setting the Feed Post Refresh Interval app part property to a value between 1 and 3600 (seconds).
  16. Users can view details for groups by hovering over group links.
  17. Additional feed posts are loaded automatically if the user scrolls to the bottom of posts which have been loaded.
  18. The number of feed posts loaded is controlled by the More Feed Posts Count app part property.
  19. If the Group Feed is configured for a private group to which the current user is not a member, the user is notified that the group is private and provided with a link which may be used to request membership into the group.
  20. The user will be notified that their request to join is pending if they have previously requested membership to the group.

The latest version of Chatter includes defect repairs pertaining to @mentions and #topics lookups, sorting of feed posts, display of applied #topics and Likes.  This version also includes performance optimizations to reduce the time required to load the feed.

Channel Release Notes – Version

Known Issues:

  1. The number of feed posts displayed is limited to 25. To view additional posts, users can click a link at the bottom of the feed to open a new browser tab in Chatter.
  2. The number of replies for each feed post is limited to 3.
  3. Channel displays text feed posts, link posts, and announcements. All other feed post types are excluded.
  4. The Chatter API used by Channel has a separate rate limit from other Salesforce API’s. Chatter API limits are per user, per connected app, per hour and described here. Channel testing included 240 refreshes per hour or one every 15 seconds.
  5. The pop-up UI which appears if the user mouses over a user name or avatar image does not appear if the current user is a Chatter Free user.
  6. Users will need to login to Salesforce every 12 hours or when their Salesforce session expires, whichever comes first. The Session Timeout can be configured through Security Controls->Session Settings in Salesforce.
  7. # and @ characters cannot be used in a feed post unless they are used to create an @mention for topic/hashtag.
  8. Users will need to clear their internet browser cookies in order to logout of Channel.

Other Notes:

  1. The width of the UI for Channel is fixed at 470 pixels.
  2. Channel works only with Office 365 (not SharePoint on Premise).
  3. Channel works only with ssl protected sites.
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