Migrator (Trial) Release Notes

Migrator Release Notes – Version (8/17/2016)

  1. The initial release of Migrator is solely intended to analyze a specific Jive environment and report back the Jive version, along with the number of places found.
  2. This information is vital for ThreeWill to understand the overall size/scope of a migration.
  3. The current version does not store any information about the Jive environment; it only reads and reports a summary to the screen, clipboard, and log file.

Version 2.0… What’s planned next?

  1. We are working on the ability to capture volume of content within each place found. This detail is needed to truly understand how much content is in Jive (documents, binaries, attachments, etc.).
  2. The content size detail will also be helpful in determining a migration schedule and overall pace for a migration.
  3. We also would like to add the ability to migrate at least one place from Jive to SharePoint to show how the process works with real content.  We’d love to be able to show your business stakeholders real Jive content moved to a target SharePoint environment.
Danny RyanMigrator (Trial Version) Release Notes