ThreeWill’s Migrator is a Jive to SharePoint Migration Utility from ThreeWill that provides a way for you to successfully migrate from Jive to SharePoint / Office 365. Now you don’t have to lose the years of corporate knowledge locked up inside of your Jive communities.

Move Precious Content

Out of the box migration of the following Jive content types – User Profiles, Documents, Discussions, Binary Files, Collaborative Documents, Blogs and Videos

Stop Paying Twice

Stop paying for duplicate services and consolidate on one platform

Move All Content

You can migrate secret and private spaces as well

Key Benefits to End Users

– Keep content centralized in SharePoint and reduce confusion
– True document management including versioning and check-in/check-out capabilities
– Convenient and full featured editing in rich Office Clients
– Take advantage of the rapid innovation coming out monthly from Office 365

Key Benefits for IT Decision Makers and CIO

– Allows centralization of structured and unstructured content to be stored in one central and secured repository

About Jive

Jive (formerly known as Clearspace, then Jive SBS, then Jive Engage) is a commercial Java EE-based Enterprise 2.0 collaboration and knowledge management tool produced by Jive Software. It was first released as “Clearspace” in 2006, then renamed SBS (for “Social Business Software”) in March 2009, then renamed “Jive Engage” in 2011, and renamed simply to “Jive” in 2012.

Jive integrates the functionality of online communities, microblogging, social networking, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, and IM under one unified user interface. Content placed into any of the systems (blog, wiki, documentation, etc.) can be found through a common search interface. Other features include RSS capability, email integration, a reputation and reward system for participation, personal user profiles, JAX-WS web service interoperability, and integration with the Spring Framework.

The product is a pure-Java server-side web application and will run on any platform where Java (JDK 1.5 or higher) is installed. It does not require a dedicated server – users have reported successful deployment in both shared environments and multiple machine clusters.[citation needed]

As of Jive 8, released March 30, 2015, there is a Jive-n version which is for internal use (hosted by the consumer or hosted by Jive in the cloud) and a Jive-x version which is an external version hosted by Jive in the cloud.

About Office 365

“Office 365” refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services), such as Skype for Business web conferencing and Exchange Online hosted email for business, and additional online storage with OneDrive for Business and Skype minutes for home.

Many Office 365 plans also include the desktop version of the latest Office applications, which users can install across multiple computers and devices. The full, installed applications include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. (Publisher and Access are available on PC only.) And you can install them across multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, Android tablets, Android phones, iPad, and iPhone. When you have an active Office 365 subscription that includes the desktop version of Office, you always have the most up-to-date version of the applications.

The Office 365 plans that are online-only are a great choice for certain business needs, and they are compatible with desktop versions of Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007 (with slightly limited functionality), Office 2016 for Mac, Office 2011 for Mac, and Office 2008 for Mac. This does not include the Exchange Online Kiosk or Office 365 Enterprise K1 plans.

All Office 365 plans are paid for on a subscription basis, monthly or annually.

“Microsoft Office” is the name still used for the familiar productivity software. Office suites are available as a one-time purchase and include applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which can be installed on only one PC or Mac. The applications are not automatically updated; to get the latest version, you can purchase the product again when the new version becomes available. The latest versions currently available for one-time purchase are Office 2016 for Windows and Office 2016 for Mac. These suites do not come with any of the cloud-based services included in Office 365.

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