Migrator (Trial Version) Installation Guide

Please watch this video to learn about installing and using Migrator (Trial Edition).   See below for detailed instructions.

Download Now

We need your email to send you a link to the download (along with other key resources).

Detailed Installation Instructions

  1. Please provide an email above and click Request Download.
  2. Check your email and download the zip file to your computer.
  3. Right click on the downloaded zip and “Extract All” the contents to a folder on your computer.
  4. Navigate to the contents of the folder you just created and double-click on Migrator.exe
  5. Provide data entry for the following items.
    1. Jive URL: Enter the primary URL for your Jive environment
      Example: https://sandbox.jiveon.com
    2. Jive User Account (Note: This account must have the ability to “view” all Jive places)
    3. Jive Password: Enter the Jive password associated to the Jive User Account setting above
  6. Click the “Get Jive Details” button
  7. If all goes well and the utility can connect to Jive, you will see a screen showing the current Jive version along with a message stating
    “Iterating through Jive places…”
    Once this finishes, the utility will show a summary of the number of places found.
  8. Click the “Copy to Clipboard” button and …
    1. Paste the contents in an email to your ThreeWill migration representative
    2. Paste the contents into the “What else should we know about the Source?” section of the pre-migration questionnaire.

Additional Notes:

  • The more amount of places in your Jive environment, the longer the utility will take to run.
    It is not unusual for the utility to take longer than 30 minutes. If it has been running longer than an hour, please contact ThreeWill to review.
  • The utility creates a set of log files under a folder name “Logs” where the current utility runs.
    A log file ending in “OutputSummary.log” contains the same totals from the execution; basically what is available from “Copy to Clipboard”
    A log file without the “OutputSummary.log” ending contains error details and can be useful for troubleshooting any issues.
  • By downloading and installing the software you agree to the terms of the ThreeWill Demo License.
Danny RyanMigrator (Trial Version) Installation Guide