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Client Profile

In the 1960s, community services were hard to come by. People struggling with hunger, homelessness, or simple healthcare needs easily got lost in the system. Believing there had to be a better way, three young activists — Bill Seretta, Kathy Townsend, and Art Bertrand — founded the Center for Human Development (CHD). Instead of sending people away for help, they brought life-saving services into homes, schools, workplaces, and community centers. This simple change was a revolution. Today, community-based care is the heart and soul of their mission. They offer 80+ programs and services that help people tackle life’s toughest problems.


For the Center for Human Development (CHD), communication and information sharing across the organization are critical. As such, CHD considers its Intranet as the most appropriate avenue to make such communication and information sharing happen.

Although CHD did have an Intranet in place, there were many challenges preventing it from being as effective as it could be.

Some of those challenges included:

  • An overall lack of understanding and skills for how to use SharePoint and its capabilities to effectively communicate across the organization,
  • A single person was managing Intranet content for all organizational areas,
  • Lack of consistency, including branding, across the existing Intranet SharePoint pages,
  • Key information was not always surfaced on pages where and when desired, and
  • Finding (searching) for information was difficult.


To address the aforementioned challenges, CHD chose to implement ThreeWill’s “Intelligent Intranet” service offering, in which we partner with clients and guide them through both the technology and user experience aspects of their Intranet.

Through this service offering, ThreeWill partnered with CHD in three key areas:

1. Collaboration (3 weeks):

Workshopping and discussions to get input and final direction on the following: branding, navigation, security, hub-spoke model/setup, home page templating, and all needed page templates.

2. Implementation (2 weeks):

Finalization of items established in collaboration and then full implementation, including a pilot test to review and validate before the final production run.

3. Transition (2-3 weeks):

Presentation of the final implementation, initial walkthrough/getting started meetings for content creators and stakeholders and open office hours for further training.

Business Benefits

CHD resources across the organization now have the knowledge and skills to manage their own departmental sites thanks to the implementation of ThreeWill’s Intelligent Intranet service offering. Pages across the Intranet now have a consistent look and feel, as well as new and consistent CHD branding, thanks to the use of a standard template. Furthermore, because the new Intranet was built using standard SharePoint out-of-the-box capabilities, information can be searched and found more easily throughout the site. As a result of ThreeWill’s best practices training, the content managers understand how to share information on their department sites, knowing that content from these departments will automatically appear at the top of the Intranet.


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