Extranet Solution for Attorney/Client Collaboration

secured extranet

Client Profile

A large law firm providing  services to a wide range of corporate clients  in the areas of environment, finance, intellectual property, litigation, real estate and tax.


Attorneys needed an easy and secure way to access and share case related documents internally and  with their clients.


SharePoint centric secured extranet accessible to firm employees and clients for document management and collaboration.

Business Benefits

  • Highly secured document management solution for confidential client matters
  • Sales tool as a differentiator to show collaborative approach and transparency in working with the firm’s prospective clients
  • Enables and extends use of firm’s intellectual property


  • Department - Operations & Research
  • Department - Sales & Marketing
  • Industry - Professional Services & Legal
  • Objective - Automate Workflows
  • Objective - Employee Engagement
  • Objective - Increase Innovation
  • Objective - Reduce Costs
  • Objective- Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Objective- Increase Employee Satisfaction
  • Objective- Increase Revenue
  • Objective- Increase Security