Franchise Owner Extranet Portal

extranet portal

Client Profile

An early childhood education provider headquartered in Georgia with over 260 franchised schools in 17 states.


Large and rapidly growing franchiser looking to more effectively drive collaboration among Franchisees, enabling Franchisees to quickly search and find documents and content related to operating their franchises and enabling Content Providers to quickly create, approve and publish updated content.


A highly branded Extranet Portal with an Information Architecture driven by the implementation of Enterprise Managed Metadata and the creation of a custom Search Center for finding and refining content searches. Sites Templates were established for Departments to publish Announcements, Special Events, content relevant to that department and Discussions for collaboration.

Business Benefits

  • Bi-directional flow of communication between the Franchiser and Franchisees
  • Improved communication and knowledge sharing between Franchisees
  • Rapid find-ability of documents and other content required to effective operate a franchise
  • Established a “Franchisee” Community Center that enabled new Franchisees to quickly leverage the collection knowledge and experience of other Franchisees


  • Department - HR & Communications
  • Department - IT & Project Management
  • Department - Legal & Compliance
  • Department - Operations & Research
  • Industry - Education & Government
  • Objective - Employee Engagement
  • Objective - Increase Innovation
  • Objective - Increase Velocity
  • Objective- Improve Onboarding
  • Objective- Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Objective- Increase Revenue
  • Objective- Increase Security
  • Objective- Increase Usability
  • Objective- Modernize Applications
  • Role - C-Level Executive
  • Role - Director of Collaboration