Global Compliance Reporting Solution

manage tax documents

Client Profile

A multinational professional services firm with 700+ offices in 100+ countries.  The firm provides assurance, financial audit, tax and advisory consulting services.


Company needed to manage tax documents for companies that spanned multiple countries and involved multiple parties to gather, prepare, review, and file the tax documents. This functionality needs to be replicated for over 1000 clients.


Architected and designed a SharePoint solution that made heavy use of out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality including document sets, document libraries, in-place records and search. Created a site definition for easy provisioning across hundreds or thousands of instances. Added dashboards and other key customizations to automate typical processes such as bulk upload and moving/sharing of files.

Business Benefits

  • Provided a solution were some of the elements solution can be maintained by Power Users
  • Provided repeatable engagement model that facilitated communication and central document collaboration
  • Quick provisioning of new engagement workspaces with all repositories created, permissions set up, custom search pages created, and custom features enabled
  • Aggregated view of document status (dashboard)
  • In-place record management preventing changes to documents (with site owner override)
  • Audit trail of what documents were shared with the client
  • Upgradeable process to allow for new changes with hundreds of in-flight engagement workspaces


  • Department - Legal & Compliance
  • Department - Operations & Research
  • Department - Sales & Marketing
  • Industry - Professional Services & Legal
  • Objective - Employee Engagement
  • Objective - Generate Documents and Presentations
  • Objective - Reduce Costs
  • Objective- Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Objective- Increase Employee Satisfaction
  • Objective- Increase Revenue
  • Role - Director of IT