Property Investment Management Portal

Management Portal

Client Profile

Commodities investment management organization managing properties across the United States.  Key corporate differentiator is a tight focus on reducing inefficiencies in management of all aspects of the property lifecycle.


The primary driver for maximizing investor returns depended upon efficient management of large numbers of documents for each property and the related complex set of stakeholders and business processes.  

Documents were being stored in multiple I/T infrastructure silos with no consistent formats or versioning controls and no efficient search and retrieval mechanism.  This situation impacted both consistency of operational business processes and the ability to execute strategic initiatives.


A multi-phase 3 year program to migrate all document management functions and related business processes to Microsoft 365 and a SharePoint Online Content Management Portal with the following key features:

  • Simple unified hierarchy for managing multiple Portfolios containing multiple Properties.
  • Consistent metadata tagging and document upload user experience that provides support for both user-specified tag values as well as auto-populated values.
  • Provisioning engine for quickly creating portfolio and property sites with a consistent structure, navigation and metadata experience.
  • Custom Search Center with ability to refine documents based on customer-centric corporate taxonomy.

Business Benefits

  • Documents are secured, stored and accessed via a single consistent user experience.
  • Users have a secure on-line document access mechanism wherever they have an internet connection.
  • Automatic metadata reduces friction for document contributors while providing valuable metadata for sorting, filtering, and searching.
  • Users can leverage an intuitive navigation function using familiar core corporate terminology to quickly locate documents.


  • Department - IT & Project Management
  • Industry - Financial Services & Insurance
  • Objective - Employee Engagement
  • Objective - Increase Innovation
  • Objective- Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Objective- Increase Revenue
  • Objective- Modernize Applications
  • Role - C-Level Executive