Retail Solution for Store SKU Price Management

Client Profile

Global Telecom services and equipment provider to millions of consumers, businesses and other service providers in dozens of countries.


Complicated, error prone process for the national marketing organization to drive price changes down to regional retail stores. Labor intensive edits at the regional level made each price reset difficult.


SharePoint based input template allows multiple national marketing staff members of various roles to quickly and accurately drive pricing decisions down to the retail stores. This single collaborative input form is also used by regional administrators .  The output of the forms based solution accepts pricing changes by dealers  and is directly printable for in-store shelf labels.

Business Benefits

  • Annual Savings of ~14,000 hours for price resets
  • Business rules enabled for pricing authorization
  • Local dealer pricing agility
  • Improved pricing governance, tracking and visibility
  • Faster Time To Market


  • Department - Finance & Accounting
  • Department - Legal & Compliance
  • Department - Operations & Research
  • Department - Sales & Marketing
  • Industry - Telecom & Utilities
  • Objective - Employee Engagement
  • Objective - Generate Documents and Presentations
  • Objective - Reduce Costs
  • Objective- Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Objective- Increase Revenue
  • Objective- Increase Security
  • Role - Director of Business Unit