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Client Profile

Multinational beverage corporation, and manufacturer, retailer, and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups.


Salesforce Chatter is the official social solution and access to Salesforce Chatter across all web-based platforms used at the company is desired. A couple of web-based platforms used within the company have built unique integrations with Salesforce Chatter resulting in multiple code bases for maintenance and enhancements. Integrations for Salesforce Chatter are not available for additional platforms used at the company such as those built on Adobe Experience Manager and SharePoint.


A shared Javascript based client solution which can be used across all web-based platforms:

  • Serves as an API tool for platform developers at the company to bring Salesforce Chatter integration to any platform
  • Hosted by Amazon AWS, authentication and access to the Chatter API is provided by an enterprise ESB
  • Includes installation and usage guides for users and developers
  • Provides for a Chatter group feed, allowing users to interact with Salesforce Chatter from the UI of any web-based platform
  • Allows users to easily share the link to a page hosted in any web-based platform within a minimal number of clicks

Business Benefits

Users are able to access Salesforce Chatter from any web-based platform used at the company. A single code base is used for all web-based Chatter integrations reducing costs for support, maintenance, and deployment of the solution.

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