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Choosing a SharePoint App Model Architecture Webinar

SharePoint Hosted? Provider Hosted? What do these mean, and beyond that, which one is right for your app? In this webinar we’ll look at the choices and draw some conclusions on the proper usage of these different architectures. Learn what you need to make a good decision about choosing a SharePoint App Model architecture.


Software architects, developers, and business stakeholders that are investing in SharePoint Apps.

Apps for SharePoint Hosting Options

The SharePoint 2013 app model provides the following ways to host the components of an app for SharePoint:

  • Provider-hosted: Apps that include at least one remote component and may also include SharePoint components. The non-SharePoint components are deployed by your logic on your hardware or cloud account, or deployed on the customer’s hardware or cloud account using installation programs and instructions that you provide.
  • SharePoint-hosted: Apps that include only SharePoint components and logic that runs on the client.

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