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Late last year I was fortunate enough to get an introduction to Zvi Guterman (CEO of Cloudshare) via Bill Lynch of Jive Software (both companies are backed by Sequoia). He shared his interest and his offering for SharePoint 2010 and at first blush we were pretty blown away about what they have to offer.

Here’s some of the key points about Cloudshare Pro-Plus accounts that we have learned over the last couple of months as it relates to SharePoint 2010:

  • The ability to spin up a clean environment very quickly.
  • Very useful for training and testing.  We are using it for the boot camp this week and the response has been great.
  • Auto-suspend relieves the burden of remembering to shutdown the virtual machine.
  • No corrupt virtual machines from powering-down a laptop while the virtual machine is still running.
  • Ability to resume exactly where one left off.
  • Performance!!! The performance is much faster than even the most “beefiest” laptops.
  • Internet downloads (such as Visual Studio) are very fast within the cloud virtual machine.
  • You can share an environment via a snapshot.  Invitation is valid for 45 days.  Each guest gets a separate VM copied from latest snapshot.  Copy is available for 48 hours once accessed.  We used this for setting up the boot camp and it shaved hours off the prep time…
  • Finally, very reasonable costs ($49/month) for a some pretty impressive stats (ability to increase and edit RAM to 10GB and disk space to 300GB)

We are half way through the week of the boot camp, but our experience with using Pro-Plus accounts for our SharePoint 2010 Developer’s Boot Camp has been a highlight of the week…

I’d love to hear your experience with Cloudshare.   Are you using Cloudshare with SharePoint 2010?

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