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Over our 20+ years of helping organizations deploy Intranets, we have found that successful intranet deployments highly depend on the commitment to adoption and change management. With an Intranet deployment, you are at a considerable risk of failure if you do not begin with the end in mind around how you will ensure users are ready and adopt the solution.

To drive that adoption and to maintain healthy adoption, you need to have a plan and discipline to stay committed to the plan.  We find organizations can easily get distracted and drift away from the commitment to healthy adoption, and that has led us to create a service we call Community Management to be a partner in that long-term adoption journey.

Community Management has a rich set of activities that allow us to drive and maintain adoption, providing you with a structure for how to increase adoption over time. Below is a high-level view of that journey.

We find that with most Intranet deployments, the client will have the “build it and they will come” philosophy to their Intranet. We have experienced that where the return on investment comes into play is post-launch of the Intranet. The post-launch is the most challenging part of the journey and where you can get the most value from your Intranet. Below is a way to look at the journey of implementing an intranet solution.

To give you a sense of how we help you drive adoption and proficiency with your Intranet, I would like to share what I see as some of the critical components of our Community Management Service Offering:

Attracting Users to Your Intranet

We seek to empower Content Creators to produce and release content that reaches the right people at the right time. This is critical to the success of your Intranet. If there is not well-crafted content that matters to your employees, the intranet will quickly become a ghost town.

We look to support you in producing compelling content that feels valuable and useful to your employees. Being thoughtful on content production will lead to users forming habits that have them return to the intranet—turning your Intranet into the trusted authoritative source of knowledge in your organization.

Reduce Overwhelm of Microsoft Feature Overload

The number of features released by Microsoft can quickly be overwhelming. Some great features get launched through Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platforms. It is exciting to see all those features being launched, but they can start to overlap, creating confusion about what is done and where in the platform. We aim to bring in the least number of products and features so there is no confusion around where you perform your work. We find less is more regarding what you use in the platform.

Making the Microsoft Platform Relevant to Your Business

We look to being your business partner and taking the time to understand how your business operates and the culture that makes your organization unique. With that understanding, we look to be your technology partner that can discover what business improvements can be supported by Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform. As your technology partner, we can build lightweight and low-cost solutions that give you a healthy return on investment and can help your company scale.

If you want to drive healthier adoption with your Intelligent Intranet, we would love to help your employees thrive with an Intelligent Intranet that supports your communications being more impactful. More importantly, we want to help you create communication and collaboration that best fits your organization’s culture and mission.

To learn more, see our Community Management Service Offering or contact me directly on LinkedIn.


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