ThreeWill Culture

Our culture is based on our shared values. These values are the basis of our actions, and serve as the guiding principles for decision making at ThreeWill.

Our shared core values are:

  • will holland


    We love what we do and working at ThreeWill
    We value having an environment where people choose to come to work because they are passionate about what they do.  We realize that our company exists because we provide a service or solution that has a positive economic difference to our client.  That being said, we always challenge ourselves to stay in balance between “Making Money and Having Fun” at work.  A significant proportion of your life is at work, so it is important that you make the most of it – having passion with what you do and fun while doing it!

    Will Holland, Associate Software Engineer – On Our Shared Value of Passion
  • Value

    We strive to provide maximal value for our customers
    We think the greatest value we can bring to our clients is taking the time to truly understand their needs in order to be able to provide them with an outstanding solution, on time and on budget. At ThreeWill, we strive to understand completely what the client needs before we ever strike the first line of code or make the first configuration change. It is not our job to write amazing code using all the latest technologies just because we can and think it will be a good value. It is our job to KNOW what will bring the client value, by working closely with them to gain a real understanding of the project requirements. Then, using our agile process, we can apply that knowledge to ensure the correct tools and technologies are employed in order to provide an outstanding solution that exceeds the client’s expectations and brings them the greatest value.

    Caroline Sosebee, Associate Software Engineer – On Our Shared Value of Value
  • Growth

    We encourage each other to grow in a balanced way
    Personal growth is an important part of the culture at ThreeWill.  We recognize that the technology field is in continuous flux and time can erode the technical advantage.  Making it a priority to sharpen the saw is the key to being able to provide the highest level of service to our clients and our company.  ThreeWill encourages people to recognize and pursue their passions in ways that allow for personal and professional growth, while also directly benefit our clients.  ThreeWill fosters an environment where people enjoy what they do, but also have an appropriate work-life balance, which allows time for our consultants to invest in their families and communities.

    Grant Lewis, Software Engineer – On Our Shared Value of Growth
  • kirk liemohn


    We treat each other and clients fairly and honestly
    We value building long lasting partnerships with clients in a fair and honest way that is equitable to both parties.  Stephen R. Covey calls these “win-win” relationships; we will look to create engagements with clients that will create success for both parties. Being fair and honest is a big part of providing quality service to clients with high integrity.  If we are to build long lasting partnerships with our clients, we need to be explicit in our decisions and do our best to lead them down the right path.  If a risk or issue becomes apparent, we will raise this with our clients to give them the opportunity to react appropriately and enable them to address the problem.  Sometimes this information is difficult to share with a client, but it is key to our long lasting partnerships.

    Kirk Liemohn, Principal Software Engineer – On Our Shared Value of Honesty
  • tim coalson


    We work for a larger purpose
    We value teamwork and believe that we work for a larger purpose.  People at ThreeWill want to see other associates be successful and we look at client relationships as partnerships.  We keep our teams small so that we can solve our client’s problems with agility.  Our delivery methodology is agile to allow us to “inspect and adapt” to our client’s needs. At ThreeWill, a significant part of our team culture is approaching our work with confidence, but at the same time humility.  We believe that this “humble confidence” is a key ingredient to forming strong teams that include our clients as part of the team.  During our client engagements, we realize that we are not just a project team, but part of a larger interdependent group that as a whole either succeeds or fails.

    Tim Coalson, Senior Consultant – On Our Shared Value of Teamwork
  • bruce harple


    We are accountable to our decisions
    We value an environment where people are accountable for decisions and responsibilities.  To be responsible, requires making and keeping commitments that help produce results.  Being responsible is making conscious decisions in the “space between stimulus and response.”  A responsible person is in control of his life and is accountable for how he responds to everyday stimulus on projects for our clients. An important aspect of being responsible is proactively setting your own goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely).  ThreeWill incorporates goal setting into associate’s professional development plans, but responsible behavior also comes from self motivated individuals who are looking to add value to client engagements and internally at ThreeWill.  Working with responsible people builds a high trust environment and is instrumental to “highly functional” teams.

    Bruce Harple, Director of Delivery – On Our Shared Value of Responsibility
  • Free Will

    We choose to make the right decisions.
    We value the God given ability to make conscious choices in the workplace and life.  Free will is the term we use to describe the awareness that we have to consciously choose to make good decisions.  At ThreeWill, we encourage each other to use our capacity to innovate when solving problems. Free will is summed up well by author Stephen R. Covey in three sentences: “Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space, lies our freedom and power to choose our response.  In those choices, lie our growth and happiness.” At any moment, we have the freedom to choose to make the right decision.  This is often difficult, but is key to helping each other and our clients succeed.

    Tommy Ryan, President – On Our Shared Value of Free Will

Key Highlights About ThreeWill

We help companies craft modern digital workplaces on the Microsoft Cloud.

  • We are ranked in the top 5% of Microsoft partners based on four independent surveys.
  • We have built over ten connectors for SharePoint for over twelve software firms including Atlassian, Jive, and Salesforce.
  • We are a Microsoft Partner with Gold Application Development and Gold Collaboration & Content competencies.
  • We are a Salesforce Product Development Partner.
  • Established in 2001, we are based out of Alpharetta, Georgia (the Technology City of the South).
    All our consultants are Microsoft certified (many at the highest level), and each has an average of over ten years of Microsoft development and/or product development experience.
  • We have been a part of one of the largest enterprise implementations of SharePoint (over 250K users).
  • We have published books, articles, and have produced materials for Microsoft on technologies such as SharePoint, ASP.NET, C#, Office Development, and InfoPath.
  • Our focus is not just technology, but also project management and effective and agile processes that ensure predictable results.

Partnerships are central to ThreeWill’s success. We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over fifteen years. We currently hold the Gold Application Development and Gold Collaboration & Content competency. We are ranked in the top 5% of Microsoft partners based on four independent surveys.

Our promise to our business sponsors:

1. Control – We provide the structure for our clients to control priority of features and budget throughout the lifetime of the project​.

2. Choice – Because we deliver working software every two weeks, we earn our client’s business every two weeks.​

3. Commitment – We take on your challenges like they are our own; you will not find another business partner more committed to your success.

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