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ThreeWill wrote a blog post on connecting multiple SSRS Servers for the Microsoft SharePoint Product Team Blog on extending Microsoft’s SSRS Web Parts for an enterprise scenario.


Today’s guest blog post is from ThreeWill, a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner located in Alpharetta, Georgia that focuses on SharePoint development and integration. You might remember them from a previous article about the SharePoint Connector for Confluence. They worked with Microsoft on a recent project to extend some of the features of SSRS Web Parts to meet the needs of the enterprise.
In this project, ThreeWill helped a large telecommunications organization address their concern of being bound to one SSRS Reporting Server with the web parts. This concern was primarily because they did not have the luxury of combining all reports into one scaled SSRS environment. Of course, like so many other projects, the client needed a solution today, not months from now… this article has the details behind what they did on a week by week basis. Over to ThreeWill.

Pej Javaheri, SharePoint Product Manager.

Read the full post at the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog –

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