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Nintex workflows have become very popular in the SharePoint world over the years. In the two-plus years of experience, I have with Nintex workflows, I have never had to use it with any other SharePoint features besides a regular/custom list. However, recently I ran into a case where I needed to go through the process of connecting Nintex Workflows to SharePoint Surveys.

Connecting Nintex Workflows to SharePoint Lists

Connecting a Nintex workflow to a list is pretty straight to the point. Navigate to the desired list, click the dropdown for “Workflow Settings” and select “Create a Workflow in Nintex Workflow” as shown below.

Connecting Nintex Workflows to SharePoint Surveys

However, adding Nintex workflows to SharePoint Surveys can be a challenge. There is no ribbon (displayed above) in a SharePoint Survey to add a Nintex workflow. An option is to navigate to the Nintex Workflow landing page and create a workflow from there – but the issue with that approach is, it will not be connected to your survey.

I have toyed around with a bunch of different ways to tackle this problem. The solution below has worked immaculately without any issues since I implemented it.

Solution for Surveys

  • Navigate to a regular list in SharePoint. You can create a dummy list just for this step. (Note that this cannot be a Survey list.)
  • Select the list you want to use and click “Create a Workflow in Nintex Workflow” in the Workflow settings drop-down as shown in the images above. You will be navigated to a screen like an image below.

  • In the URL of this screen, change the ListId to the ListId of the SharePoint Survey you want to create a Nintex Workflow for, add one or two processes (if you want to) and publish.
  • To get the ListID of the Survey, Navigate to Survey, Select Survey Settings under settings.

The encoded ListID will be present in the url of the survey settings page.

%7B represents {

%7D represents }

All changes will immediately be effective in the Survey List after the workflow has been published.

Want to learn more about SharePoint lists? Tim Coalson, Senior Consultant, gives us the low down on his blog titled: SharePoint List Forms with jQuery.


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