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As ThreeWill learns more about the challenges that our clients face with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic, we will update this article.

Below are resources that might help your teams Work Together Better as you face new communication, collaboration and coordination challenges. Please come back from time to time to see what new resources and service offerings we have to support you.

At ThreeWill, we have 3 Practices – Transformation, Innovation, and Client Success. Below are some ways these practices can support you in your day to day challenges.


Moving your content and collaboration to Microsoft 365 allows your company to more easily disseminate information to a mobile workforce. Working from home could be a new concept at your company, and something that takes time and consideration to implement.

We have considerable experience moving on–premises collaboration platforms to the Microsoft Cloud so that employees can effectively and efficiently work from anywhere on any device.


The ThreeWill Innovation Team is monitoring updates on the pandemic and want to share helpful information to aid our clients with disruptions to their operations.  On March, 4th, Microsoft announced the release of a Power Apps template for Crisis Communications.

We believe this adds value and speed to deployment benefits for organizations desiring to communicate with their employees with push notifications and a central platform for information sharing.  It consolidates notifications in a central location and allows sharing of work status, such as working from home or not by employees.

Client Success

This practice can help drive effective usage of the combined business and technical collaboration capabilities you are delivering to your team in today’s environment where leveraging technology tools for collaboration is an imperative.

Realizing true value from technology rollouts requires an intentional user adoption program.  We can help you develop your best strategy, execute that strategy, and position your team for continued value expansion in the future.

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As ThreeWill learns more about the challenges that our clients face with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic, we will update this page.
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