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Perhaps you’ve hesitated or wondered how to be a little more creative and use some of SharePoint’s modern technologies.  If so, check this article out on how to create a SharePoint List.

I’ve seen them before, but never really thought much about them. I am working on a big project with a lot of moving parts, so  I needed a better way to track the Risks, Issues, Action Items, Assumptions, Dependencies, and Decisions. Given the encouragement of my Lead to potentially use a SharePoint List for the Risks, I decided I’d try something a little different. I decided to try to create a consolidated SharePoint List that tracks Risks, Issues, Action Items, Dependencies, and Decisions all in one list.

I decided to start with the default Issues List and build from there.  This is all totally new, a bit out of my comfort zone.  I named this a Tracker – Project Name.

List Settings

I used List settings to update the Columns for the Tracker.

This definitely requires the addition of a lot of Columns. 

Pulling some of the Existing Columns from Site Columns.  This is typically available where someone else may have initially created a list, where you’d like to utilize some of their columns.  Of course, you can always create the columns from scratch. 

Opting to go with some Pre-Selected Options for the Risk Response Strategy.


Select OK to save. 

Why do some fields not appear on the list

At this point, you may be trying to determine why some fields appear on the List and some do NOT appear, such as with Title and Issue.

Currently, I see Title identified as a required field as shown in the screenshot below.  However, it does NOT appear on the List I have created.  Why is this?

Also, I do NOT explicitly have Issue identified as a Column, as shown above.  However, it appears on the List displayed in the Channel, when adding a New item, as shown below.  Why is this?


Why too does Risk Exposure, not appear as a field to be used with a New item, when it was defined in the List?

Solution: GOT it, only the first 20 fields are included in the All Items display.

Below is a snapshot for Title as it currently appears in Settings:

 I see Title in the Column headings.  However, I do NOT see it available for input with the New item button:

 I think I may have figured out the problem.  It may be due to the predefined Views shown below:

 This is currently the Default View: 


This is SO Weird.

I see Title and Issue on the Display for the Tracker.

However, when trying to enter the New item, Title is NOT included.  The issue appears to be a Key field.  However, not one in which I have set.




The solution

I was finally able to remove Issue as a Column name.

I also changed the name for the Required ‘R/I/D/A/AI/Decision’ to ‘Item Type’.

Recap of my problem solving

A brief recap, along with reference to a few Choice selection fields shown below:

This list does NOT require custom configuration per project.  It is an ALL-IN-ONE tracker that contains two Key Fields (Item Type and Description) which can be utilized to hold the following, which is a Choice via Item Type.

  • Action Item
  • Assumption
  • Decision
  • Dependency
  • Issue
  • Risk
  • Other

 The Status field too is multi-purpose and allows one to select appropriate the appropriate item depending on Item Type.    Choices allowed for Status are as follows:

So, creating the item for a Risk, it would be appropriate to select either of the following for Status:

  • Open – Unrealized
  • Open – Realized
  • Closed – Unrealized
  • Closed – Realized

There too are selections to choose from when using Priority and Risk Response Strategy.


  • Critical
  • High
  • Normal
  • Low

Risk Response Strategy:

  • Acceptance
  • Avoidance
  • Mitigation
  • Transference 


Alright, this is it for the creation of my first official SharePoint List.  The entry for a New Item is shown above.  Tune back in next month, when I attempt to make this list a little more user friendly. You can go to my bio page to get a list of all of my blog posts!


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