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I recently decided I wanted to add some nice visuals to a daily progress update I give to one of our customers for our Jive to SharePoint content migration. All I was looking for was a couple of charts to show the overall progress as we get closer to completion, rather than the same old bullet points every day. Having never worked with Power BI before, I decided to create a simple Power BI report using an Excel table. Because I basically jumped in with no prior knowledge of Power BI, learning as I went, this blog won’t be going into depth on features, integration, and other more complex, cool stuff you can do with Power BI. This is just showing what I did as a first-timer in a crunch!

I just wanted something simple. I created a table like this in Excel to get started.

A “Batch” is basically a set of any number of Jive Places we are migrating. In this example, Batch 101 has 29 Jive Places, all of which have been migrated and validated, hence marked as “Complete”. I set up column E with this formula: =IF(SUM(B2:C2)=0,”Complete”,”Incomplete”).

Import to Power BI

Now that I have my data in an Excel table, it’s time to upload it to Power BI. You’ll find the “Get data” link at the bottom left of the screen.

Then I want to bring in a file.

I will be using a local file for this example.

I’ve selected my file. Now I’m going to “import” Excel data.


Now my data has been imported and I can’t find it under “dashboards”.

I click on the dashboard and I’m ready to go! I start with a blank canvas, my fields from the excel table, and all the tools I need to build a nice little progress Power BI report.


I’m going to start with a “100% stacked column chart”. I made “Batch” my Axis by dragging it over from FIELDS. Then I selected “Complete”, “In Progress”, and “Not started” from FIELDS, so they would be represented in the chart. I then used the tools under VISUALIZATIONS to tweak some of the coloring and font. And that’s it! My first visual is complete.

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