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In the past, I’ve been hesitant to schedule a meeting in Teams within a conversation tab. I’ve found that if you’re not careful, it will invite everyone within the Team to the meeting (and put it in their calendar). It’s clear that sometimes, you just need to invite specific people in order to create meetings in a channel within a Microsoft Team. It’s too much work to remember who is in a specific Team that you need to schedule a meeting with. Below I’ve outlined the steps needed to schedule such a meeting.  

Creating Meetings in a Channel within a Microsoft Team

Steps for Creating Meetings in a Channel within a Microsoft Team

  1. Click on the “Meet Now” Icon

    You create this meeting by clicking the “Meet Now” icon within your Team’s channel and then select “Schedule a meeting.” 

  2. Invite and Configure Settings

    At that point, the channel you are in is selected and then you invite folks (who need to be in the Team) as well as configure the rest of the meeting like you would do in an Outlook appointment.

  3. Save to Create Conversation Post in Channel

    After you save the meeting, it will create a new conversation post in the Channel so others can see and join if they like, but if you are not invited it will not throw an appointment into your calendar

  4. Record the Meeting

    You can record the meeting and it will be accessible in the Channel for folks that could not make the meeting.

Does Your Organization Use Microsoft Teams?

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