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Client Profile

This client is a member-driven organization serving risk professionals at financial institutions through education, products, and community since 1914.


The vision for this client is to create a Digital Employee (Workplace) Experience to better enable employee collaboration and communication, leveraging the Microsoft 365 platform.  The first priority in realizing this Digital Employee (Workplace) Experience was focused on how to improve overall document collaboration, sharing, and management.  Previously, there were challenges with employees knowing where to store documents (file shares, SharePoint, One Drive, or Teams) as well as challenges with the “findability” of documents and other related content.

In addition to employee frustrations with overall document management and findability, employees needed better structure, procedures, and training to become more efficient in using M365 for document management and collaboration.


ThreeWill worked with the organization to optimize their employee’s collaboration experience. This included providing a baseline familiarity with what, when, and how to use key Microsoft 365 capabilities to support document management and collaboration.

On the road to helping this organization with its collaboration experience, ThreeWill held Discovery Sessions to understand the client’s current state, challenges, and overall document management needs. From this, an internal Governance site was created and seeded with initial “Collaboration Recommendations”.   To help improve overall productivity and adoption of the Microsoft platform for document collaboration, ThreeWill developed and delivered Train the Trainer Sessions for key “Collaboration Ambassadors” as well as developed some quick reference guides for ongoing support of employee’s usage of Microsoft 365.

As a result of creating these organizational standards, the following deliverables were created:

  • 6 Communication Templates
  • Training documentation
  • 3 Training PowerPoints
  • 16 Quick Reference Guides
  • 3 Full-Length Videos for Teams Training
  • 9 Video Shorts

Business Benefits

A key business benefit for the client was to help their employees develop more productive habits for their usage of Microsoft Teams for document findability, collaboration, and sharing. This collaboration platform provides a more consistent experience for the users. They can better collaborate and share files within Microsoft Teams, which leads to improved productivity and more engaged and happy users.

To provide this client with the best chance of success in the future, ThreeWill made sure the core team was well trained so they can spearhead the rollout of this new document collaboration solution to all users. This approach leads to better user adoption and overall successful collaboration. Additionally, because of the firm foundation in Microsoft Teams, the client is better positioned to continue delivering additional business functionality via the Microsoft 365 platform.


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