Customizing Office 365

Can I customize/tailor my Office 365 tenant to meet my needs?

Absolutely! However, I would caution how far to take it… Please explore the platform and respective functionality before attempting to customize/tailor it.

A common customization is to revise the branding or look-and-feel. In this case, I would recommend starting with adding a company logo and experimenting with the built-in themes. There are also other themes available for purchase from third parties. If you require more detailed branding, have a look at what can be accomplished with some custom styling via CSS. Heather Solomon’s blog post, 92% of Branding SharePoint is CSS, So Why Are You Living in a Master Page?, does a great job showing what is possible with just CSS changes. I would avoid applying branding changes that require updates to a master page. There is a likely chance that Microsoft will change a master page in use. Such a change may cause your site and/or customizations to fail.

Have a look at the Customization reference links in the “What are the most important references I’ll need?” section. There are some customizations that can be done with out-of-the-box functionality. If you would like more detail, please feel free to contact us. We specialize in customizing SharePoint/Office 365 and would love to talk to you!

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