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Check out the video player/review page below.

For this simple, but effective solution, I combined SharePoint Designer, the DataFormWebPart, and WSS 3.0. Granted, I’ve used this same concept now on several projects, so I’ve got the process down pretty good, but, nonetheless, this took about an hour to put together. This type of solution is a great example of how developers can get big bang functionality out of SharePoint without cracking open Visual Studio.

This same concept can be used to support a “review” pattern for many different types of content. A common usage for me on projects has been to allow users to view PDF documents from within the browser window; I’ve also incorporated an iframe to bring in related page content from external applications or other related content in SharePoint.

So, here’s how you do it….

First create a list. My example is a Video list. The important column is the Video URL. Insert at least one row in the list.

Next, you need to open SharePoint Designer and create a copy of the existing EditForm for the video list.

Now, let’s open the page in SharePoint Designer. The page by default will include an instance of the ListFormWebPart. The ListFormWebPart is responsible for displaying the default edit presentation of the list. We are going to leave the ListFormWebPart in place, but we are going to add the DataFormWebPart to the left side of the page for our video player. So, add a new <td></td> before the existing td.

Now that there is a landing spot for the DataFormWebPart, place your cursor within the new <td></td> and select Show Data from the Videos list in the Data Source Library pane in SharePoint Designer.

Next, you will see the Data Source Details pane. Select the URL field and choose Insert Selected Fields as…Single Item View. This will insert a DataFormWebPart which displays the URL.

Now, we have the basics of what we are after. But, it’s not so great yet huh? The snap below shows the simple video URL is being displayed. We’re getting there!

Next, we need to set a filter on the DataViewWebPart so that it will display the correct row from the list. The item edit form, by default, includes a query string parameter ‘ID’ which we can use in our DataFormWebPart to select the correct list item.

Now, let’s format the display to present the URL as a video player. Scroll down to the .rowview section of the XSL used by the DataFormWebPart. This is where the item of the view is formatted. See the before/after screen snaps below for how I changed the default format to build in the object/embed code needed for windows media player. Brush up on your XSL



Last step. We need to modify the Video List to use our new Edit Form. To do this, right click on the list in SharePoint Designer and select Properties. Navigate to the Supporting Files tab and change the Edit item form to point to the new form you have been working on.

Now, invoke the item edit form in SharePoint, and voila! You have your video review page.

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