Delisting Trove and Channel

We’re delisting a couple of our assets from the AppExchange and the Office Store:

  • Trove is an integration that let you upload and edit files in Microsoft 365 directly from Salesforce.
  • Channel is an integration that let you interact with the Salesforce Chatter Feed directly from Microsoft 365.


If it’s something you love to do and there’s no money in it…that’s a hobby.

We are delisting so we can focus on the demand we have for our Microsoft 365/SharePoint migration capabilities (we are especially busy since the recent acquisition of Jive). We have seen a great response to our Salesforce/Microsoft 365 integrations as free apps, but that did not lead to the services opportunities we anticipated. It was great to see that both apps were top ten apps for their specific category.

Here’s what I learned (again) from this experience.  Organizations are fine with paying for services like Salesforce and Microsoft 365.  But, they typically do not spend money to integrate the two services.  They expect this as a feature of the core product (example, Files Connect in Salesforce which kind-of does what Trove does, but not really).

The apps kinda feel like our babies, so it’s hard to say good-bye but this will enable us to focus on growing areas of our business.

What if I already have Trove/Channel?

You can continue to use them as-is.  We’re just pulling the listings from their respective marketplaces.  For Trove, the client-secret is valid through 8/31/2018 for the Production and Developer version and 7/23/2018 for the Sandbox version.   You will need to create your own client secret and client id if you use Trove past those dates.  See Salesforce Help for more details.

What are some alternatives to look at for Trove?

Take a look at:

What are some alternatives to look at for Channel?

Take a look at:

What if I want support for Trove/Channel?

We aren’t offering support for Trove/Channel as a service at this time.

Ask your questions below in the comments section and I apologize for any inconvenience this creates. – DFR

Danny RyanDelisting Trove and Channel


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  • Eric Bowden - May 22, 2017 reply

    Thank you to everyone who used Trove and Channel, especially to those in the early days that helped improve the product by making suggestions, performing experiments, and patiently waiting on me to get back to them :). This was one of the more rewarding projects I’ve worked on. Really enjoyed filling a niche, serving our customers, and appreciate all the learnings that came with it! Thank you!

  • Paul Hicken - July 12, 2017 reply

    Hey there, I totally understand your reasons for de-listing Trove. That said, my company hadn’t updated it to the latest version you had available at the time of the de-listing.

    Is there any way that we can update our installation of Trove to the latest version?

    I had read that one of the updates beyond the one we have, had fixed an issue regarding invalid characters in an Opportunity Name or Account Name when trying to create folders/files in Sharepoint.

    It would be great if we could get that update.


    Danny Ryan - July 12, 2017

    Let me check with Eric about this – there may be a way for you to install it without a listing on the AppExchange.

    Eric Bowden - July 13, 2017

    Hi Paul, Since we are no longer supporting Trove, we recommend that users switch to one of the alternative products mentioned above. We are not providing a means for users to upgrade existing installations or install Trove into new environments. You do have the option of purchasing the source code, if you want to own the latest rev (noted above). Sorry we can’t help more.

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