Deploy Azure Functions

“About a month ago, the Azure Functions for SharePoint (AFSP) open-source project was introduced that we are looking at to deploy Azure functions. The project’s goal is to provide a set of common functions for scenarios shared by most SharePoint provider hosted add-ins implemented as an Azure Function. Azure Functions is a compelling service from Azure and the Azure Functions for SharePoint pattern is promoting an equally compelling use of Azure Functions in the Office and SharePoint space and I wanted to get involved with the project.  One of the goals of the project is to enable people to make the use of the pattern and Azure Functions quickly and easily. While there is a Client Configuration Guide to manually configure the Azure resources required to start using the Azure Functions for SharePoint, we thought minimizing the friction of getting started by providing a scripted configuration of the Azure Resources required would be very helpful.

Read about how to use an ARM Template to deploy all the resources to get started with the Azure Functions for SharePoint.“

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