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Another Way to Deploy SharePoint Approval Workflows

Deploying SharePoint reusable approval workflows can be very tricky sometimes. There are multiple ways to copy these workflows over to another site, the most popular being, using a PowerShell script to move/copy files over to production.

One of the main issues I experienced with copying my approval workflows was, I kept getting errors after the workflow was successfully copied because the task(s) in the workflow were missing multiple values, settings, and variables. The main reason for this is because the workflow was not created from scratch – I copied and reused an existing approval workflow by using the Copy and Modify feature in SharePoint. I tried over and over till I finally stumbled upon an alternate solution.

Steps for an Alternate Solution

The steps and screenshots are

  • Open the approval workflow in SharePoint Designer.
  • Make sure the workflow you’re deploying is saved, published and ready to go.
  • In the top ribbon, select “Export To Visio”. It will export into a .vwi folder.

  • After it’s done exporting, navigate to the .vwi folder in file explorer.
  • Rename file extension from “.vwi” to “.zip” manually.
  • Open the zip folder and remove/delete the “..wfconfig.xml” file so that you have just the .xml,.xoml & .rules files left

  • Rename zip file back to “.vwi”
  • Now, open the new site you want to deploy to and “Import From Visio” after clicking workflows.
  • Select the file and content type associated with the workflow and save.
  • Save and Publish the workflow!

Final Tip

After deployment is complete, open your approval task in SharePoint Designer to make sure its individual tasks and variables are intact before you publish the workflow. I have personally never had any issues after deploying this way but it is always a plus to double check.

**Note. This process is only for Reusable workflows.


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