Employee Engagement

How do you assess and improve the health of your organization? Move beyond profitability and customer experience metrics and create a culture that puts people first.

A highly engaged workplace drives business outcomes, leading to higher productivity and profitability. An employee engagement platform helps people connect, learn, grow and thrive in their work.

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Why is employee engagement key to organizational success?

Engaged employees feel empowered, are more satisfied with their jobs, put more care into their work, and provide better service to customers. By investing in employee engagement solutions, you retain top talent, increase productivity, and create business agility.

ThreeWill develops a comprehensive employee engagement solution that is tailored to your unique organizational needs. The platform utilizes four key features:



  • Automatically identify, process and organize company content, resources and expertise
  • Organize information into easy-to-find categories across apps and teams
  • Reduce time spent looking for information
  • Protect valuable resources with built-in security and compliance features


  • Get personalized, actionable insights to understand team performance
  • Improve productivity and well-being with data-driven recommended actions
  • Preserve privacy with aggregated and de-identified insights
  • Stay connected with people regardless of their location


  • Assign learning programs and track completion
  • Provide ongoing skill-building with easy access to training content and learning systems
  • Access company-wide formal and informal learning content
  • Leverage AI recommendations to boost employee performance with the right content at the right time


  • Provide a curated and company-branded modern employee experience
  • Find resources with a personalized feed and dashboard
  • Create a comprehensive view of resources with customized content for specific roles
  • Personalize content feeds for each employee

What are the benefits of an employee experience platform?

Promote Employee Well-Being and Retention

Industry studies have shown that companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors. They are interested in and passionate about their work because they feel valued and appreciated. This makes them more likely to stay with the organization and recruit other skilled individuals to join the team.

Strengthen Culture and Communications

Seamlessly find and connect people, content, and services in a centralized space. Everyone has the necessary assets to succeed from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Build relationships with bi-directional communication among colleagues, teams, and managers no matter where they are located. When employees are all on the same page, it reduces frustration and increases loyalty.

Build Skills and Increase Innovation

Investing in learning and development encourages creativity, bringing new ideas and innovations to the table. It also brings employees to a higher level where they all have similar skills and knowledge, resolving weaknesses within the company. When employees feel confident and supported, organizations retain top talent and build strong teams.

Address Challenges with Meaningful Insights

Data-driven insights and recommendations help identify stopgaps and drive organizational success. Empower everyone from leaders to managers and individuals with opportunities to improve well-being and workforce efficiency. Balance productivity and well-being to help teams and individuals do their best work.


What are the first steps to begin a New Employee Experience?

The first step in your journey to a new employee experience is to “begin with the end in mind” and design your future state, including the creation of a roadmap of key activities and milestones to achieve the business outcomes you have defined.

  • “The ThreeWill agile process gets results quickly, without the need for gathering all the requirements up front. As needs change, so can the ThreeWill team.”
    Kimberly Eubank
    Executive Director - Customer Experience at Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company
  • “ThreeWill came in with the understanding that we did not have any expertise in SharePoint or resources to put extensive requirement documents together. They came in and took the role of Project Manager, BA and developer and worked with our elections team and implemented an outstanding solution and did it in less time than projected and stayed in cost. They are probably one of the best vendors that I’ve worked with in quite a while.”
    Merritt Beaver
    CIO - Office of Georgia Secretary of State
  • “I am confident in ThreeWill's ability to help me succeed. More than just successfully delivering on a project but ensuring that the design and implementation are the correct cultural fit. Other reasons: listening, assessing, recommending, listening, considering, adapting, implementing, and sustaining,”
    Christopher Elwell
    Director, Timberland Investment Resources
  • “ThreeWill helped us extend Trove to meet our custom needs. They helped us avoid costs for an existing subscription by connecting up Salesforce with SharePoint. Working with Eric was great - I appreciated the status updates and the burndown chart for understanding our budget. I also enjoyed the weekly meetings to update me on the status of the project. I was able to save tens of thousands of dollars a year because of this project.”
    Ellen Hunt
    IT Business Partner, Panasonic USA

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Employee engagement is critical for every business.

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