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Client Profile

Nationwide Prepaid Wireless Provider


Customer needed a fun and engaging recognition program for any employee to recognize the work of another employee and wanted to update Intranet branding to align with public brand and to make the site more appealing as a internal communications tool.

Highly branded an existing publishing intranet site including departmental subsites. Used characters, colors, custom fonts and other media to make the site very visual and tied into the public brand.


Custom recognition program called Submit a Smile Tile with a recognition form, approval, and notification process. Custom “wall” with tiles for recognition, highly branded email for notification, and custom print for certificate style print out.

Business Benefits

  • Make intranet for Corporate Communication vehicle more engaging and exciting for employees
  • Provide employees with a fun and easy way to recognize each other for the work that they do
  • This recognition feeds into a larger corporate recognition program in place

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