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Content Matrix is an excellent SharePoint migration tool, but there are some edges where the tool has challenges. One challenge, in particular, is large site collections that have many subsites.

Recently we helped a customer migrate a SharePoint 2007 farm that had over 20,000 sites to Microsoft 365. Many of the site collections had lots of subsites that needed to be migrated to SharePoint Online with the same hierarchy. We used Quest’s Content Matrix migration tool which works great for smaller site collections, but we often ran into issues with site collections that had 25 or more subsites, especially when there was a lot of content in the subsites. In fact, we had several incidents where a large site collection migration job would run for several days but then fail before completing the entire site collection migration.

Of course, we had the option with the Content Matrix tool to break down the site collection into smaller migration pieces and use the “PasteSiteAsSubsite” option once the root was migrated first. This approach meant instead of just configuring and running 1 migration job, we had to manually set up 25 or more different migration jobs in Content Matrix which is very time-consuming. Some site collections had 100s of subsites and the customer wanted to retain the same site collection structure in M365 for business reasons, so instead of doing this manually – we took advantage of the new ThreeWill Accelerator migration tool.

Not only did the ThreeWill Accelerator migration tool automatically create all the Content Matrix migration jobs and successfully migrate the large site collections while preserving the hierarchy, but it also allowed us to spread the workload across 12 different migration servers that were simultaneously moving the 100s of subsites to the same site collection in SharePoint Online. Being able to distribute the workload across so many migration servers meant the entire site collection was migrated almost 12 times faster than running the entire site collection on 1 machine as just 1 migration job.

The ThreeWill Accelerator migration tool also has the advantage of real-time tracking in a SharePoint list, so even non-technical business and management users can track the migration progress in real-time.

This same ThreeWill Accelerator migration tool can also be used to flatten a large site collection into several different new sites in SharePoint Online. Flattening a multi-level site collection and promoting its subsites to new sites in SharePoint Online is another migration scenario that requires many manual migration jobs to be set up and manually launched from Content Matrix. Fortunately, the ThreeWill Accelerator migration tool allows these complex site collections to be moved efficiently without all the tedious migration job configuration work, while also running all the migration jobs automatically and continuously around the clock after the initial launch of the ThreeWill Accelerator migration tool.


Do you have complex and large on-prem site collections that need to be migrated using Content Matrix? Perhaps the ThreeWill Accelerator migration tool can help.

Having trouble migrating large SharePoint on-prem site collections when using Content Matrix? The ThreeWill Accelerator Migration Tool can help! 


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