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Migrating to Microsoft 365 Questions You Should be Asking Yourself

What questions should you be asking yourself when considering migrating to Microsoft 365?  This post will dive into that essential question.

I remember, way back in grade school, having to write an essay on a “significant historical event”. I could pick any historical event I desired, but the essay had to answer the important questions of Who? What? When? Where? and Why? If you could answer these questions, the Five W’s, only then could you truly understand the topic.

While that particular lesson might have been a bit of an oversimplification, it was a lesson that I’ve carried with me ever since. These years, my time is mainly spent speaking to people about different flavors of Microsoft 365 migrations (Google to O365, SharePoint to SharePoint Online, Jive to SharePoint Online, etc…). These questions are no less important, but unless you’ve been through a migration before, you might not know what the right questions are. And that’s where this series comes in.

The Five Ws of a Migration + 1

As a consultant, I find myself frequently listening to the client describe their needs. We consider each need a “story.” I try to get an answer to these five questions so that I can better understand the story and answer the sixth – and often overlooked – W: How? Ok. It doesn’t start with a W, but I don’t make the rules.

In each entry, I’ll address one of the five W’s and layout a series of questions that you really should be considering when you’re thinking of migrating to Microsoft 365.

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