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1. Success of the SharePoint Platform

No one can deny the overwhelming success of SharePoint. In fiscal year 2009, SharePoint easily broke the 1 billion revenue mark and also the 100 million license mark. IT Administrators love the easy provisioning, the extensive community and products available for SharePoint, and the familiarity of managing a Microsoft server product. Business Users love what they can accomplish using lists, document libraries, and configuring web parts. Everyone is happy.

2. SharePoint Saves Our Clients Money

We are busier than ever in a down economy (not only because of the quality of our people) but also because SharePoint is bringing significant savings to Enterprises. Because of our deep knowledge in SharePoint, we know how to leverage what is out of the box and extend where necessary in a way the companies can get the most of their SharePoint investment. Watch the movie on our home page ( to see a number of examples of ROI’s our clients are seeing.

3. Upcoming Release of SharePoint 2010

Our company took a laser focus on SharePoint as a development platform when it came out as beta in 2006 and we have not regretted this move one bit. As we see the launch of SharePoint 2010 approaching, we feel the momentum building toward being able to create the next generation of applications. It’s common knowledge that it usually takes three versions of software to reach the tipping point. And now that SharePoint is going into the 4th version, SharePoint 2010, it will be icing on the cake!

4. SharePoint Increases Developer Productivity

We continue to be amazed with the applications we can build and the integration scenarios we can create with SharePoint as a platform. We have enjoyed being the catalyst for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and Enterprises to leverage SharePoint as a development platform. Because of our deep knowledge of SharePoint we have been able to serve our clients by showing them the fastest and most effective way to build things on SharePoint. We have seen that the true power of SharePoint is not having to start with a blank slate. As a developer, you are provided a set of back-end and UI framework services that allow you to focus on the business problem vs. building generic framework services.

5. SharePoint as the Glue

ThreeWill is working with some of the most innovative companies in the world to build products that integrate with and are built upon the SharePoint platform. The fact is that the integration technologies built into SharePoint (e.g. Web Services API, Search, Web Parts, SSO) make it the portal technology to bring together all of your technology investments. Every time we work with ISVs, we are thrilled with how we can make 1+1 greater than 2.

Ok, one more…

6. Going Beyond Collaboration

Collaboration for the masses is becoming a reality in Enterprises because of SharePoint. The evolution of collaboration has pointed toward social networking to get the right people connected with the right information at the right time. We have seen the demand for Social Networking inside and outside of companies. We have made a significant investment in our teams to be ready for the wave of projects that will have a significant social component. 2010 is going to be an incredible year!

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