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What’s the New SharePoint Mobile App?

With the new SharePoint mobile app, we’re working to deliver your intranet in your pocket. Today we’ll look at how you can use the new SharePoint app to access and stay connected to important content, sites, portals, and people from your intranet while you’re on the go.

Today you can access many SharePoint experiences from a mobile browser, but we started this project because we think we can make this easier, faster, and also more powerful with a mobile app experience. The SharePoint app will be available for Windows, IOS, and Android this year, and it will connect to your environment whether you’re using Microsoft 365 in the cloud, SharePoint 2013 or 2016 on premises, as well as with hybrid deployments.

The mobile and intelligent intranet come together across both collaborative team sites and organizational portals in this app, bringing together the productivity of SharePoint team sites, the broadcast reach of publishing sites and portals, and the mission criticality of your most important business applications, backed by the integration with Microsoft 365 groups, the intelligence of the Office graph, and the security and compliance that you expect from Microsoft 365. These are our new front door applications for SharePoint. They provide a gateway to get to experiences in SharePoint, and I’m excited to walk you through them today.

Let’s start by taking a look at the user experience of the SharePoint app. We’re going to be releasing our first version of this app in the coming weeks, and I’m going to show you a first look at the experience on an IOS device. I previously logged into my account, so all I have to do now is launch the app. We support a variety of authentication methods used by SharePoint, such as AAD, NTLM, FBA, and others, and we will also have support for mobile device management and mobile application management with Microsoft Intune, so the app is secured for IT, and it’s also easy for users right away.

When I launch the app, I land right in the heart of SharePoint, the Sites experience. The Sites tab is where the app gets deeply personal. Using the intelligence of the Office Graph, the SharePoint sites I use most often are right here for me to access without having to do anything to set them up. If the site has a custom logo, as you see with several of these, we will show that, or we’re generate the acronym that you see if there isn’t a custom image. Also I can quickly access to sites I’m following as well.

For sites that I want to be able to keep track of, I use the Follow feature in SharePoint to make certain they’re readily available to me from both the SharePoint app and the web. Here at the top, I have the ability to search. As I type, I get suggestions from Search, and Search is contextual to where I am in the application. Since I started in Sites, the app presents sites first, but it’s also easy to search across SharePoint, so I can see files, people, and other content.

I’ve been working in this field marketing guide team site with my colleagues a lot lately, so it’s prioritized high at the top of my list without having me to do anything. First off, I have a view of the activity that’s been going on in the site. I see documents I’ve worked on, documents my colleagues have been working on, and even indicators of what’s popular currently in the site. I can bring up the menu here to see the full navigation of the site that’s been set up, and that gives me quick access to the resources of the site. This also ensures that the navigation the site owner has set up is readily available to all users.

In addition to the site navigation, I also have quick access to some of the native experiences we’re delivering, such as recent and popular files, lists, and activity that I showed earlier. If I go into Recent Files, I can see content I’ve worked on, as well as what files are the most popular. Going back, I can follow this site if I want to make certain it’s always available to me. I will also be able to share the site from here if I want to make a colleague aware of it.

Besides Sites, the next big section of the app is Links. This is where I access the key organizational links and portals that my company wants to showcase. TED and admins can program links for their employees, and these links will show up both in the SharePoint mobile app and also in the SharePoint Home web experience. This enables users to quickly get access to their Microsoft 365 video portal, company or divisional portals, an HR site, cafeteria menus, or other important organizational resources. Here I can see the responsive web experience for the Microsoft 365 video portal as an example. If I go back, you could see other portals that have been set up for me. If I open up the Contoso web portal, you’ll also see an example of a responsive portal that’s been set up for this customer.

Next up is the People tab. Here I can get access to information about people in my organization. With the power of the Office Graph, I see a refined list of people who I work closely with. I can open up contact information to see organizational details and what content a person is working on.

In Settings, there are two things I want to highlight. First off, we have support for using multiple user accounts with the app. This allows me to have both an Microsoft 365 account and also an on-premises or another Microsoft 365 account that I could use with the app.

One last thing I want to show is Shake for Feedback. With this turned on anywhere in the app, you can shake it, and it will ask you to either report a problem or suggest an idea. We’re looking forward to having you use this to tell us how we can make the experience better.

All right, let’s take a look at what we’re doing to make a great web experience for SharePoint Home as part of Microsoft 365. Just like with the SharePoint mobile app, the new SharePoint Home web experience enables you to easily get to, find, and discover the places and information you need to be productive. We also want to make it easy to navigate across the entire intranet of an organization online, on-premises, and everything in between.

Today many Microsoft 365 users use the Sites page to access SharePoint sites and resources. It’s one of the most clicked tiles in the Microsoft 365 app launcher. We’re modernizing this experience and transforming it into a true home for SharePoint. What was the Sites page will soon be the SharePoint Home, and it’s your on-ramp to the sites, portals, and content you use in SharePoint.

Let’s take a look at the new experience. SharePoint Home displays the sites and portals you’re most active in, along with company-wide links promoted by your organizations and suggested sites that are personal for you. These are the same sites I showed in the mobile app as well. We’re using intelligence from the Office Graph to give users their important sites, groups, video channels, and blogs front and center, and to provide activity information to see what’s going on in each. The content is personalized to me, and helps me officially decide where to work. I can click into any of these cards to open a document or to go to the site. Again, this is the same set of sites and portals that I saw in my SharePoint app.

The user interface is a clean modern design that’s easy to use and is consistent across the web and the mobile app. The SharePoint Home web experience is responsive for devices big and small. You’ll see I can quickly get to the sites I’m following, as well as recent sites I’ve used, so it’s easy for me to keep track of and navigate to the projects and places I’ve been working. I can follow a site, and it shows immediately in the left-hand list. I can also create a new site from here. Up top, you’ll see I have a new Search experience that provides suggestions as I type, and we will also have a modern Search Results page as part of the experience.

One last thing, at the bottom here you’ll see a Feedback link. You can click on it to give us feedback or to make a suggestion. We hope you’ll use that, and we’re looking forward to getting your thoughts.

That was a quick tour of the new SharePoint Home web experience and SharePoint mobile app. The SharePoint Home web experience is rolling out to first release customers very soon, and we’ll be expanding beyond first release over the coming weeks. The mobile apps are going to be rolling out to the IOS, Windows, and Android stores as each platform is ready to go. Keep checking the Office blog and tell us what you think. We’re super excited about the app and the new web experience, and looking forward to getting your feedback. Remember to shake your device and click on the Feedback link in the web to tell us what you think. Thanks for watching.

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