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I’m currently one week into my summer internship as a Marketing Intern for ThreeWill. The week has gone by a little slower than expected (probably from switching over to waking up at 7am from previously sleeping in every chance I had during the semester in college). But, I have already learned valuable things about both the business world and about myself.

So, here’s a list of three main things that have stuck out to me during my first week:

1. Learning Never Stops

I don’t even have to leave the office to get hot fettuccine alfredo delivered to me… okay, maybe I shouldn’t lead with that, but it is awesome! What I will say as one of the valuable things that I’ve learned is that being a student doesn’t stop after college. In the business world, starting at a new company will mean that you’ll have to learn that company’s own set of unique characteristics on how they do business or what technology they use. Just because you graduated in that major doesn’t mean the learning stops at college.

2. “Ain’t nothin’ easy when you’re doing it for real.”

As Danny puts it quoting one of his professors in school. That became a reality as soon as I was given the task of creating a Wikipedia page for ThreeWill as my first main task as a Marketing Intern. Even though ThreeWill is a technology based company that works heavily with coding for software and doing the seemly impossible by finding solutions for integrating software, my brain definitely doesn’t work that way (hence the marketing background). And with the Wikipedia project, I had to do simple coding for the page, which proved to be a little time consuming. Along with the coding, for a page to be featured on Wikipedia it has to have a number of third party sources that have the information you are talking about. This was a challenge for a small company.

3. Working for Family is an Interesting Dynamic

I’m learning directly from the head Marketing and Sales guy, who happens to also be my uncle! Family businesses have an interesting dynamic. My boss definitely feels more approachable being family, but at the same time I have a “get down to business” mentality to prove to both my family and my employer that I can have what it takes to succeed as a Marketing Intern.

I know I will continue to learn as the internship goes along, but hey, that’s life. Hopefully, the Wikipedia page will be accepted, and I can look back at the first contribution that I made to the company. This is valuable stuff that I’m learning, and I’m grateful for Danny to be taking me under his wing!

Thanks for reading!

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