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Wow, have you ever wanted to give up on Microsoft OneNote?  While I knew there was a more updated version of OneNote (OneNote for Windows 10), I liked using Microsoft OneNote 2016 and wanted to stick with it given its robust features.  However, recently I experienced 2016 OneNote Syncing issues, which I was not able to get around.  I even tried the suggested ‘OneNote bankruptcy’, where you remove all your Notebooks and start over. The syncing issue I was having was not resolved for me using this method.

I resorted to using OneNote for Windows 10 via the Browser.  I thought that was a palatable compromise, though it didn’t seem to have as much flexibility or shall I say robustness to it as the client version.  A challenge I had with this was when I needed to get some information from OneNote Meeting Minutes, which I had posted to Teams as a link, I noticed some updates that I had made were NOT there.  Low and behold I opened that link and oh my goodness, I noticed that I did not see some of the updates I had made to the document.

Let me stop complaining.  Here’s the deal, I thought that I might have to stop using OneNote.  I don’t have time to duplicate work efforts and I am not guaranteed to be able to recall all of the notes I previously created the second time around.  I needed something dependable.  I’m sure you do too.

So, when are you truly updating OneNote LIVE via your Browser, can you be confident that you will NOT lose some important information that you have entered into OneNote?  However, after quite a bit of time and effort, I found a great solution to my OneNote Meeting Minute woes.  This is what I discovered by leveraging the online integration between Outlook and OneNote.

I use the browser version of Outlook to initially open and save to OneNote.

Resolution to OneNote Sync Issues

Be careful here to ensure you highlight the appropriate location you want to save your notes to, given there is a slight lag when you select your OneNote location.  If you are not careful, you could save to the wrong location.  So just verify you’ve truly highlighted your intended target here.

At this point, I follow through with opening in OneNote to fully confirm my location.

Next, I go directly into the OneNote app to take my notes.  This is where the cool stuff happens.

Share resolution to OneNote Sync Issue

It works perfectly. I am now able to easily and quickly paste something into the notebook.

This works perfectly for me now. It’s so cool, just thought I’d share. But of course, you may have already figured this out. It’s definitely a game-changer for me. I am back to the productive use of OneNote.

Lastly, these OneNote sync issues forced me to switch from using OneNote 2016 to OneNote for Windows 10, where I am back to a satisfied OneNote user.  Any questions related to this, just reach out to me at ThreeWill. Take care.


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