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Client Profile

A global enterprise company that is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets. Providing laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications, and expertise.


The foundation of the company’s success is its more than 16,000 employees. To support communication and collaboration among these dedicated professionals, the company utilizes a corporate intranet to connect its worldwide network of sales offices, logistics centers, and business facilities.

The intranet was originally developed on a Jive platform that was becoming less compatible with other systems throughout the enterprise. Due to the size and geographic diversity of its workforce, this configuration created integration challenges that reduced efficiency, increased licensing costs, and hampered overall productivity.

By late 2018, the company recognized the need to align the entire organization on a Microsoft-based platform that would allow for continued growth and expansion. However, budget constraints and resource allocations were preventing the IT professionals from executing a full-scale transformation with internal personnel.


In mid-2020, the company engaged ThreeWill, a Microsoft-certified Gold partner, to help improve the performance, usage, and compatibility of its corporate intranet. Since they already had a Microsoft 365 license, ThreeWill proposed moving from a Jive-based platform to SharePoint Online in the Microsoft 365 platform.

Initially, ThreeWill worked with the IT team to ensure they had the required architecture and internal resources to support a Microsoft 365 Employee Experience Platform. ThreeWill conducted a series of workshops to better understand the needs of core business and IT users and then created proof of concepts to demonstrate the viability of a Microsoft 365-based Employee Experience.

Once the client approved the recommendations, ThreeWill finalized the design and launch of the new employee communication and collaboration platform. From start to finish, the project to implement the Employee Experience design ran from August through October 2020.

Seven months later, in May 2021, ThreeWill and the client launched the second major phase of the project, a campaign to migrate more than 50,000 pieces of Spark (Jive) content to SharePoint Online.

This effort included:

  • conducting a series of workshops with key stakeholders;
  • auditing content and purging outdated documents;
  • designing an enhanced user Q&A Employee Experience Optimizers; and
  • creating customizable templates for content pages.

Collectively, the upgrades were designed to help the client meet current needs while remaining flexible enough to evolve as the company expands.

Business Benefits

After establishing a new digital workplace, the client discontinued its annual Jive subscription and realized immediate cost savings.

Converting to a single communication and collaboration platform within Microsoft 365 has also:

  • improved storage and distribution of content throughout the organization;
  • enhanced search capabilities and reduced response times for questions; and
  • increased overall intranet use and employee engagement.

According to the client, the performance of the new platform and improvement in company-wide collaboration have exceeded expectations.


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