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Client Profile

A multinational professional services network of firms delivering world-class assurance, tax, and consulting services for businesses.


The firm was operating on multiple platforms for global communication and collaboration.  One of those platforms, Jive, was coming up on their annual license renewal and the firm made a decision to invest in a Jive transformation to the Microsoft 365 Employee Experience Platform.  This would save the firm considerable expense with a “per user” Jive license renewal and would also enable the firm to leverage the investment they were making in the Microsoft Cloud.


The PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”) Jive transformation project initially began as an effort to extract all of PwC’s Jive content into external archive databases, as well as to provide a proof-of-concept migration of select Jive Places into the Microsoft 365 Employee Experience Platform.

The project quickly turned from a content archive effort into a worldwide transformation of PwC’s Jive instance to Microsoft 365. In addition to Jive content being migrated to Microsoft 365, the project included the design, configuration, and customization of the new Employee Experience in M365.  This included the creation and transformation of site landing or “home” pages, as well as the creation of custom Web Parts to display content migrated from Jive.  PwC business users wanted the new Microsoft 365 solution to be an equal or better Employee Experience than what they had experienced with Jive.

Initially, PwC was looking to migrate off their Jive environment within just a few months. But, based on the amount of content in scope, as well as the effort to create an enhanced Employee Experience, ThreeWill was able to work with PwC to extend the timeline to ensure quality delivery. In the end, ThreeWill successfully migrated over 300K pieces of Jive content and created over 1800 new Sites with a new, modern Employee Experience.

Business Transformation

​This resulted in an enhanced employee experience design and implementation on the Microsoft 365 platform. By migrating from Jive, PWC will notice significant cost savings by eliminating the annual Jive subscription.

Feedback from PwC on ThreeWill’s partnership included:

“We had strong collaboration on this project, which led to a very successful delivery. Appreciate everything you and your team did for us.”

“It took a lot of teamwork and collaboration and we wouldn’t have made it there without you and your team’s help.”

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