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Client Profile

Global Telecom services and equipment provider to millions of consumers, businesses, and other service providers in dozens of countries.


For this custom application modernization project, ThreeWill migrated an on-premises SharePoint custom PSCE application, data, and supporting workflows to a modern Microsoft 365 solution.


The SharePoint 2013 PSCE application, consisting of 4 custom request forms, was modernized from an Angular application to a React-based SPFx solution.

  • All existing request data (both current and archived) was migrated into the new M365 SharePoint site.
  • 18 supporting SharePoint 2010 notification and approval workflows were converted to Power Automate flows.

You can read about another React-based SPFx solution here.

Business Benefits

This project, Custom Application Modernization, had the following business benefits:

  • Leveraged the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to modernize the custom request forms.  
  • Modernized old SharePoint 2010 notification and approval workflows to Power Automate Flows.  
  • Provided a modernized home page using out-of-the-box features, which aids in usability and maintainability. 

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