Guidelines for Jive to Microsoft Migration Costs

We’ve been doing a lot of ROM Estimates for Jive to Microsoft costs for clients for budgeting purposes.  Since we’ve been getting this question a lot (budgeting for Jive Migrations in 2018), I worked with Bruce Harple and Kirk Liemohn (our Migrations Practice Lead) to come up with some rules of thumb for creating ROM budgets for migrations (see below).

Typical Costs for a Jive Migration

  • Small – 9.5K workshop plus 30 to 50K implementation
  • Medium – 9.5K workshop plus 50 to 150K implementation
  • Large – 9.5K workshop plus 150K to 500K implementation
  • XL – 9.5K workshop plus 500K+ implementation

Typical Characteristics of a Jive Migration

  • Small – Fewer than 500 places (spaces, groups, and blogs), no new content types and no new destination types for content
  • Medium – 500 – 5000 places, no new content types and no new destination types for content
  • Large – 1000 to 15,000 places, target 1-5 additional content types/destination types
  • XL – 2,000 to 30,000+ places, target 5-10 additional content types/destination types

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Let me know what questions you have in the comments below.

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Danny RyanGuidelines for Jive to Microsoft Migration Costs

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