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As more organizations take control of their digital estate and realize they need to get their information out of the Jive platform and archived in Microsoft 365, we have been working with numerous companies on creating ROM estimates for our Jive to Microsoft Express Migration service offering. This type of migration targets organizations that may not heavily rely on Jive as their day-to-day intranet but have important content in Jive they cannot afford to lose. Below are some high-level guidelines for estimating an Express Migration ROM budget. See below for more details.

Typical Costs for a Jive Express Migration

  • Small – 75K implementation
  • Medium – 75 to 150K implementation
  • Large – 150K+ implementation

Typical Characteristics of a Jive Express Migration

  • Small – Fewer than 60K Jive place content items (documents, files, blog posts, images, etc.)
  • Medium – 60K to 120K Jive place content items
  • Large – 120K+ Jive place content items

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