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We Want to Be Part of the Solution

At ThreeWill, we recognize the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has drastically impacted everyone and introduced tremendous uncertainty. Personally, we are all concerned about our family’s safety and our future health. Professionally, we all desire to continue serving our clients and meet new challenges like helping organizations become adapted to remote work. While we are dedicated to taking personal precautions to ensure our family’s well-being, our employees also yearn to be part of the solution. 

This part of our ethos at ThreeWill; “How are we part of the solution?  This leads us to think about how we can help companies get adapted to remote work.

I want to share how we quickly adapted to the new normal of remote work.  We were amazed at how our company did not miss a beat with an overnight change to a work-from-home company.  I would like to provide some examples of how we made this a reality. Let’s look through the lens of our three Practice Areas. This will give you an idea of how these solutions can be part of YOUR solution, too:


At ThreeWill, we moved all our systems to the cloud and have never looked back.  This has been instrumental in not missing a beat.  We were able to access our systems from home in the same way we accessed these systems from work.  In addition to that, we did not have to worry about getting into our office to keep servers running.

Our Transformation Practice desires to be part of the solution by getting our client’s custom applications and collaboration tools to Microsoft’s cloud.

We make it a priority to partner with the most innovative migration tool vendors. We also have some of our own internal technology that can allow us to do this on a very large scale and a cost-effective way.


At ThreeWill, we have almost completely removed email as our communication mechanism for getting internal work done. Internal work not only within our teams but also in our work on client projects.  Microsoft Teams has provided us the ability to effectively do our document-based and communication-based work across the multiple teams.  Conversations in Teams and coauthoring of document content has created a virtual workspace to get work done in a more effective way. This is a big way that we have adapted to remote work.

Our Innovation Practice desires to be part of the solution by helping our client’s not only work in Microsoft Teams but also automating the provisioning of Teams to enforce proper governance that allows for managed growth of your collaboration.

We also know that you need to get work done in Teams with leveraging organizational knowledge.  We find through the application of Artificial Intelligence through bots and other upcoming technologies like Project Cortex and Turing, we can help your teams operate more efficiently by incorporating organization knowledge into your collaboration experience.

Client Success

At ThreeWill, we have been aggressive at adopting new collaboration technologies.  Through putting processes and governance around how technology is onboarded. We have been able to make changes that become part of our everyday work experience.  The work of applying Adoption and Change Management (ACM) to our company has been a key proactive activity.  ACM has truly accelerated getting value out of the technologies we leverage to collaborate.

Our Client Success Practice desires to be part of the solution by helping our clients prepare for and execute on major technology shifts.

We realize migrations, platform consolidations and launches of new technical solutions require proper planning, training and communication to maximize the financial benefits of these endeavors.  ACM done right is the best way to accelerate benefits and have long term success vs. jumping the gun and making technology changes without thinking of the impact.  As Bob Morris, our Executive Director of Client Success, shared in a recent blog, you don’t want short-term actions to create long term mistakes.

Is Your Company Adapted to Remote Work Yet?

At ThreeWill, we believe that our country will inspect and adapt to the challenges we are all facing and will be better from this experience.  The new normal of tomorrow will require us all to transform and innovate to be successful.  We look forward to serving you by helping you adapt to the new challenges and opportunities.

Stay safe, stay  informed, and stay  connected.  Let’s support each other as we address these challenges together!

Feel free to leave a comment below with your ideas about how we can help.



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