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I got this email from Tommy (President and Co-Founder of ThreeWill) this morning and wanted to share…we feel very fortunate to work under his leadership. Danny.


I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for this past year and my excitement for the upcoming year.  I will do my best to make this brief, so I will condense this down to 3 bullets each… 

I am grateful for…

  • Our Integrity: Working with a group of people that have a high level of INTEGRITY and really care about servicing clients along with co-workers is a true blessing.  This is a big part of why I wanted to start a company with Danny and I feel fortunate that this is a reality today at ThreeWill.
  • The Desire to Work: Being in an environment that people really do CHOOSE TO SUCCEED.  There are not many companies that everyone at the company, through their own free will, are choosing to do the right things at work.
  • The Ability to Provide: Having enough business in 2009 to allow us to provide for our families when there are others that do not have jobs.  The biggest stress that I have at ThreeWill is worrying about having enough business to sustain fairly paying people that work at ThreeWill.  The economic environment in the past 2 years has caused us all to work harder to make sure we can continue to provide to the people that depend on our incomes.

I am excited about…

  • Our Message: “We help the leading software companies build commercial products on the SharePoint platform and this experience helps us assist large enterprises with complex SharePoint integration scenarios and enterprise applications on SharePoint.”
  • Our Partnerships: A big part of my job satisfaction is being able to deliver to new clients.  The relationship with Jive has been great.  To hear from Jive that “ThreeWill is Love” really energizes me and drives me to say how can we continue to “kick it up a notch”.  I look forward to what we will do in our enterprise accounts as we grow deeper in those accounts.  It is awesome to hear from existing accounts that “We choose ThreeWill as our partner of choice for getting things done with SharePoint” and I envision over the next 3 years we will be hearing more of that.
  • Our Upcoming Growth: In many ways, it will be exciting to see our company grow.   During this growth we will bring in new minds that will challenge us and help us deliver on our business plan.  I look forward to embracing the diversity of people who do not think like I think and can provide new insights that allow us to grow.  I also look forward to all of us growing our skills and responsibilities in support of the objectives we have set. I truly believe that everyone working at ThreeWill is making a difference.  I appreciate the sacrifices you make to allow our company to be successful.  I also want to thank your families for the support they provide.  They are a key part of allowing you to do your job at ThreeWill (please thank them over the holidays by giving them the attention they deserve).

I wish the peace of the Christ, who is in all of us, to be with you over the holidays.  Please enjoy the time you take off to really connect with your family and loved ones.  This upcoming year should be quite a ride!


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