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Here at ThreeWill, each new project we start kicks off with the creation of a new team in Microsoft Teams. This new team will include the assigned consultants; project manager(s); salespeople and, depending on the project, may also include several “C-Level” people. Naturally, the bigger the project, the more people in the team. This is where tags in Microsoft Teams come into play.

Despite the number of team members, most of the communications that take place within the team are typically only pertinent to the consultants. In the past, if I needed all five or six of those consultants to know something but didn’t want to disturb everyone else, I had to @-mention each one individually.  

Recently, I discovered the “tags” feature of Microsoft Teams. Using tags, you can create a mentionable alias for a subset of the members of a team.

How To Use Tags in Microsoft Teams

Team owners have the ability to manage tags by clicking the ellipsis next to the team name.  


Once clicked, you’re presented with the option to add or manage tags. To add a new tag, simply give it a name and assign the members you want to group together. In the screenshot, you can see that we’ve created a “developers” tag that is used to mention all of the developers on this particular project with a single mention. 




This is a simple, but effective way to lead to more meaningful and productive conversations.


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