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Microsoft Ignite

Current (and Future) Modern SharePoint Web Parts

Want to hear about current (and future) Modern SharePoint Web Parts? Feel free to comment any wishes you would like to see in the future.
View Embedded Videos in SharePoint

Allow Guest Users to View Embedded Videos in SharePoint

Will Holland gives us three options to allow guest users to view embedded videos in SharePoint. Help your users view videos.
Modern Audiences SharePoint

How to Prepare for SharePoint Modern Audiences

Bo shares some thoughts with us around the feature of using SharePoint modern audiences. We've included a tutorial for setting this up.
PnP Provisioning News Filtering

PnP Provisioning News Filtering – API Troubleshooting

Part 2 of a series on PnP Provisioning News Filtering in SharePoint. In this post, Bo explains how to troubleshoot an API issue.
SharePoint News Filtering

Understanding SharePoint News Filtering Pitfalls

Learn from Bo about potential pitfalls of SharePoint News Filtering. Also, learn about some workarounds for highlighted content.
SharePoint Column with Multiple Values coding cover photo

SharePoint Column with Multiple Values Using PowerShell and Set-PnPListItem

Tim helps us solve a problem with updating a SharePoint Person or Group Column that supports multiple values using Powershell and Set-PnPListItem.
Designing Collaborative Solutions with SharePoint

Getting Back to My Roots of Designing Collaborative Solutions with SharePoint

Tim Coalson returns to his roots designing collaborative solutions with SharePoint and why he thinks this type of work is unique.
What is a Digital Workplace?

Roundtable Discussion – What is a Digital Workplace?

What is a Digital Workplace? Pete Skelly, Pete Fritz, and Tommy and Danny Ryan discuss the reality vs hype over Digital Workplaces in organizations today.
Owen Allen and ThreeWill

Collaboration in 2019 with Owen Allen of Zones

Tommy and Danny catch up with Owen Allen (of Zones) to talk about the state of collaboration in 2019, SharePoint Intranets in a Box options and digital workplace resources.
SharePoint Tenant Consolidation

SharePoint Tenant Consolidation for Mergers and Acquisitions

Tommy Ryan shares what we've learned during recent project retrospectives about the top ten SharePoint tenant consolidation strategies/tactics to use during a merger or acquisition.
SharePoint IIAB Report

SharePoint Intranet in a Box Market with Sam Marshall

Tommy and Danny Ryan of ThreeWill catch up with Sam Marshall to discuss the state of the SharePoint Intranet in a Box market in January 2019.
Update SharePoint Server

How to Update SharePoint Server

Intelligent Intranet /
Matthew Chestnut shares best practices for updating SharePoint Server that he's used through the years.
Deploy SharePoint Approval Workflows

Deploy SharePoint Approval Workflows

Perry Kankam shares another way you to deploy SharePoint approval workflows using SharePoint Designer.
SharePoint Effective Permissions

SharePoint Effective Permissions

Bo George shares lessons learned about SharePoint effective permissions and which method worked for him consistently.
Modern Team Sites vs Modern Communication Sites

Modern Team Sites vs. Modern Communications Sites

Intelligent Intranet /
Kirk Liemohn explores the differences between Modern Team Sites vs. Modern Communications Sites - something that you might be wondering yourself...
Modern Page Web Part Provisioning

Modern Page Web Part Provisioning

Intelligent Intranet /
Kristi Webb walks you through modern page web part provisioning with the Highlighted Content Web Part.
SharePoint Wikis

SharePoint Wikis vs OneNote vs Word vs Modern Pages

Danny and Tommy are all over the place on this one - Danny goes dairy-free, Microsoft Ignite update, SharePoint wikis vs OneNote vs Word vs Modern Pages debate and more!
SharePoint Starter Kit

Introducing the SharePoint Starter Kit Event

Pete Skelly is presenting on the topic of "Introducing the SharePoint Starter Kit" at the Atlanta SharePoint User Group on September 17th at the Microsoft Office at Avalon in Alpharetta, GA.
Large SharePoint REST

Dealing with Insanely Large SharePoint REST calls

Bo George shares his insights and expertise when making large SharePoint REST calls. Learn about how batching can help you address this situation and check out a great code sample from Bo.
i love my job

My Infatuation with Managed Metadata and Term Sets

Bo George loves his job and it shows - read about how he has become infatuated with using managed metadata and term sets for clients.