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I’ve always loved finding shortcuts. Not the ones that simply shortened physical distance, but the ones that just made tedious things easier to deal with (or avoid dealing with together). Finding a new shortcut is about the closest thing I’ve experienced to feeling like I had a superpower. It’s like I’ve somehow found a cheat code for life.

I’ve written countless little applications to handle all sorts of tedium, such as the one that cross-published this blog to our company’s intranet and sends a tweet the moment this was published, the one that handles creating new Teams or SharePoint sites when someone requests it from me, or the one I made that notified me when the new PlayStation 5 was in stock (which worked well enough that I was able to get two before my wife told me to stop).

In my time serving our clients here at ThreeWill, I’ve learned that I’m not the only person who really appreciates being freed from the tedium and allowed to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of my job. With each new conversation, I get to hear about all of the stuff my client has to do to complete their job duties. As they talk, I can see or hear the monotony coming from them as they describe their process, or the frustration they feel because they have to spend too much time “herding cats” or being stuck carrying out rote tasks.

Not many people actually enjoy spending time doing that. As soon as we’re able to tell them that most, if not all, of that process, can be automated you can see their eyes light up; and I get that warm fuzzy feeling again. Unfortunately, that moment is usually followed with a scowl and a statement such as “They’ll never pay for that” or “It’s just me that has to deal with this, so it’s probably not worth it for the company”. Sadly, that realization usually turns out to be true. Many don’t, can’t, or won’t see the value they’re adding – even if only for a single individual – because all they can think of is the cost of implementation.

Here’s the kicker: All of my clients are on Microsoft 365 where automating these processes has never been more affordable, and that’s not even considering the costs that come from having an unhappy employee.

If an employee who is happy and engaged with their work is one that is more productive and if replacing tedious processes with an automated one increases both their productivity and happiness…I think the real question to ask is “what is the cost of NOT helping?”

If you’re the type who sees the value in having a happy and engaged workforce and like the sound of freeing them up to focus on better and more rewarding work, we’d love to talk about how we can help you free up your employee’s time, show them that you care, and enable them to be elevated to greater levels of engagement.


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