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Integrating strategies for team building, culture, and praise are some of the top HR priorities to help employees thrive. Unfortunately, your great idea may be roadblocked or delayed by budget constraints.

Here are some creative ways to bring high value at a low cost.

Why trying to draw a picture of a quiche at work matters!

Each quarter, ThreeWill gathers all employees for a “Quarterly All-Day” meeting. To refresh ourselves and reconnect in between meetings, a team-building exercise is built into the agenda. The cost savings can come from hosting the team building on-site instead of off-site. Sounds fun, right?! Team Pictionary was our last fun venture. The playing field was certainly leveled with this game- and just try to keep a straight face as your boss is attempting to draw a beehive!

Total cost= $35 (we did use an easel we already had at the office)

Every Employee gets an Apple Watch for free!

Want a healthy activity with monetary benefits? Inquire at your healthcare provider to see if there are any free wellness programs. Our medical provider gives employees a way to “walk off” a free fitness tracker (yes, even the latest Apple watch). After that, they reimburse with quarterly checks to employees for out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays and prescriptions if daily walking goals are met. The app even has a company team board to encourage participation. It warms the HR heart to see employees taking walks together to meet their goals and relieve some stress with activity.

Total cost= $0.

Find as many ways as possible to reinforce Core Values

Feeling valued at work through praise is key for retention. At ThreeWill, we have combined praise with a creative way to remember our core values. At our monthly company-wide HR meeting, we recognize an employee with an example based on one of our core values. This keeps our core values top of mind (at least monthly) while valuing one of our awesome employees. All you have to do is think of the beach to remember our values. BEaCH stands for Better Together, Extreme Ownership and Choose Growth, Humble Confidence. You can see us all in our “beach” shirts at the top of this article!

Here is Matthew Chestnut being recognized for the value of Choose Growth.

Total cost= $0.

Maybe some of these low-cost employee engagement strategies will work for your team.


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